• Thomas Grubba posted an update 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Hello Artists,

    This was a post I put up in Facebook and Andrea would like me to share it with all of us. I want to add here that most insurance companies are waving co pays for counseling and all are covering telehealth sessions (telephone or video.) If you or someone you know needs someone to talk to please let me know. 510-410-3519. Be safe everyone…..

    I’m hoping everyone is staying safe in these uncertain times.

    I would like to share some of the insights I’ve gained working with both my trauma and mid-grade underlying anxiety and those of my clients.

    There’s many factors to our collective trauma right now, the financial aspects of this are very real, not just in the short term but what it looks like in 3-6 months. The problem is that no one knows, and the human brain is not meant to tolerate the unknown very well, hence religion, philosophy, science, etc. Through my research it seems the best thing we can do is maintain a schedule and focus on the things we can control. That isn’t necessarily big things, washing dishes and taking walks are taking control. In any traumatic event our ability to take action is the number one indicator of mitigating the trauma.

    It doesn’t help to overly worry about what will be. Of course we are all worried about our future, both individually and collectively. And while checking the news for information is helpful in our age of constant updates in real time it has become exhausting. It’s best to limit the amount of exposure you have to media outlets. Check in 2-3 times a day max. And stay away from opinion oriented outlets. Right now they’re just opinions, again no one knows what this holds for humanity.

    I’m trying to remain optimistic, that all of us have the opportunity to focus on what is important in our lives, really understand the interconnections our lives are based on and remain compassionate in our response to the unknown. The more we can think about social distancing and self isolation as an action, the more we retain control over our (and others) lives even though it may not seem that way. My thoughts are with all of us….