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    Abstract Refuse Artist

    I would like to thank all of you for giving me the inspiration to move forward in my art career. I have put it off for years but seeing the vibrant and beautiful art of such creative people,along with the stories of achievement , and the willingness of others to assist with an abundance of great information has definitely motivated me. May this year be a year of Creative Prosperity and Innovation for us all.

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    Fine Artist working in a multitude of mediums

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    Lacy Draper (EC Ambassador)
    Abstract Artist

    Thoughts on Banksy's prank? I personally thought it was amazing.

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    Semi-Junior Administrator

    Hello fellow creative types! I just posted a couple of items in the Classifieds that would be perfect for any studio. The drafting table would be a great holiday gift for a college student in the arts or for any studio artist where a large solid drawing surface could come in handy. Check out the table and the flat file and see if you could put them to good use . All the best.

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    Fine artist

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    I'll be painting live in front of 45 people at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit tomorrow!

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    Multidisciplinary Artist

    Very excited to start the year with one of my pieces included in this show.

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    Creative Director

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    Artist and Jewelry Designer

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    Insurance agent and small business coach

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    Fine Art Photographer

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    Karen Zuk (EC Ambassador)
    Sales and Marketing Coordinator

    Okay @dionetripp - I am looking back through the newsfeed and see that you have set some wonderful goals for 2019...."2019 goals to gain on- inspiration, sales marketing and Networking. This is my online portfolio. I look forward to being part of this group!" You have come to the right place!

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    Art studio/ gallery owner

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    Artist/Graphic Designer

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    Grant Coordinator

    Today’s the deadline to submit your application for MCACA mini grants. Don’t delay!

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    Thomas Grubba (EC Ambassador)
    Owner, Thomas Grubba Photography

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    Creative Business Advisor, Connector and Artist Advocate

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