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    Thanks for joining our first Coffee With Andrea! Enjoy and please chat with her in the comments section – Share your views, ideas and experiences on today’s topic. NEXT WEEK, we’ll have an interview with the Executive Director of a local, robust non-profit/art gallery!

    • Nice job Andrea. I’ve been reading a book about people who changed America (They Made America by Harold Evans) From Henry Ford, to the inventors of the Maidenform bra and Bakelite, a recurring theme is tenacity, not giving up, learning from mistakes and failure.

      • Thanks Dave! The articles I’ve read on “successful” people say the same thing: don’t give up. Sometimes I hear people say “don’t give up” and that bothers me because some people start a project without researching the market and set expectations that are too high to reach. Research is key to “success”. If you’re trying to sell ice to people in arctic, it’s best you do the work to determine if they NEED ice before you waste time on the venture. 😀

    • You are so right Andrea. Several things I have had to re envision in art as well as life. i have always been fearful of rejection, that is one of the reasons why it has been difficult for me to dive into the art community. I realize I should take ego out of the scenario, and although I have unsuccessfully made a couple of exhibitions, I do know that either the missed opportunities are building me up for something else, to look at my art with a more complex eye, or look at the business aspect or approach. Thank you for the platform you have created. Look forward to more episodes of Coffee with Andrea.

      • I don’t know anyone who is immune from rejection – it’s how they react to it that’s telling. Time heals and sometimes you don’t know what you’re supposed to “learn”, until you learn it. but the first step is placing the emotion of rejection in its proper place, and reviewing the scenario to determine what went wrong and learn from it. In terms of rejection, for the most part I hear from Artists that they didn’t take the time to research the opportunity to make sure it was a good fit before they jumped in.