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    Wishing you all a wonderful New Year filled with far reaching opportunities! What’s one change you want to make in 2019? 6CFC9BC4-9DB1-4D1F-8664-EFB28CD8209F

    Wishing you all a wonderful New Year filled with far reaching opportunities! What’s one change you
    • Create more!!

    • The one change I want to make in 2019, is to move through my fear and create more videos.

    • To have a solo art show!

    • Happy New year 🙂 You are always giving very smart challenge to all of us, @andrearosenfeld Thank you 🙂
      I’m leaving doubt behind. Imposter syndrome behind. I am working on better and more precise planning, and self respect.

      • Wonderful, @aleksandrailicbjelica! Many people I know suffer from self doubt and imposter syndrome – they’re “real” and can be devastating. Keep track of your accomplishments – that may help if you’re feeling “less than”. Better planning!! That will alleviate a lot of pressure.

        • Thank you so much for great advices 🙂 I am starting now! (Who if not me, when if not now!) I got a new notebook for myself to write down goals, plans… so that I can keep better track of my accomplishments. Did I tell you how grateful I am for having you in my life <3

    • So I started to reply to this yesterday, but I have so much in mind lol that I never hit “post”. Is that fear? Is that doubt? or being to humble to put my thoughts into the universe because like making a birthday wish, they might not come true??? (ooh that would be a good blog for me to do on my website.).

      basically I love to create, so I want to find the right places/spaces/venues/ to share it with people who will love it too, and hopefully will want to love it forever….

      I am also grateful for Andrea and EC. Because of EC I continue to “check myself” and move forward toward goals.

      • You said that you’ve taken more time to catch up with your thoughts 🙂 Yes, that must be such a clear sign that there are a lot of things waiting for you, and that you are not even aware of them. I agree with you, and I can’t wait to read your blog post about it 🙂 I also have a feeling that this will be BEST YEAR EVER 🙂 Because we will do sooo many things TOGETHER!!!! Cheers!