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Name Shadia Derbyshire
Title Artist
City Farmington Hills
State Michigan
Country United States (US)
Tell us about yourself! Shadia works primarily in acrylics and collage, but her passion for and creativity with color is the true theme that runs through all of her work. With her latest collage work, Shadia uses a selection of found papers, tissue papers, discarded sewing patterns, origami and craft papers. These papers are then painstakingly hand-painted, stained, stamped and stenciled. Shadia then tears each paper by hand to ‘paint’ over her canvas, resulting in dynamic and colorful pieces with unique pattern and texture. I regularly participate in live painting events as the featured artist in fundraising events, as well as for restaurants and galleries.  I have also volunteered to use my creative skills to help beautify the world.  To view the most recent example, you can watch a short video on a public mural I created within the city of Detroit here.  
Primary Medium/Industry Fine Art/Fine Craft
Experience level in primary Medium/Industry Advanced
Artist Statement Download file
CV or Résumé Download file
Education Bachelors of Fine Art, Eastern Michigan Univeristy (graduated with Honors)
Type of Businesses I want to connect with Gallery/Exhibitions
Introduction video
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Shadia Derbyshire

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