• Paula Marie Deubel posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    One of my most recent paintings, “Spirits at Lake Sigh,” acrylic (December 2018). 6F36329E-BAFB-462D-A756-CF16FD89C0B9

    One of my most recent paintings, “Spirits at Lake Sigh,” acrylic (December 2018). 6F36329E-BAFB-
    • Paula, this is so moving… What was your inspiration?

      • Thank you! Actually, I was just playing around with some brand new acrylic mediums and gels I never tried before. I was painting over an old canvas of my daughter’s (in fact, I kept the dark branches of her trees). It was just an experiment really, and then, for some reason, I decided to add a spirit of a woman and two children. Later, I discovered that (within a day or so) my daughter (Stella Rothe) was writing a short story and this is her description of it:

        “La Llorona … Latinx legend, and folksong, about a woman who drowns her kids and herself then haunts rivers and waterways looking for them. She is attributed to child deaths. Legend especially common in areas with mountain cats, because their cries are mistaken for hers. Llorona means Weeping Woman, and is pronounced Ya-Rona in most areas, and ja-rona in others.”

        What a coincidence— I’m now thinking of changing the title! …

        • Wow! What a special story and quite intuitive. (And a bit spooky) Thank you for sharing how this piece came to be! (Kind of a collaboration between you and your daughter) 😊

          • I know! And that light purple color is supposed to be a body of water they are approaching (more noticeable in actual painting). And, now that I look at it again, those two kids seem to be resisting lol!