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Name Paula Marie Deubel
Title Artist - Imaginary Realism
City Detroit Metro
State Michigan
Country United States (US)
Tell us about yourself! ARTIST STATEMENT, BRIEF BIOGRAPHY, AND CURRICULUM VITAE: Website: (mazin/us) BIOGRAPHY Paula Marie Deubel is a female Metro-Detroit artist who studied art through private art schools and under various professional artists since the age of nine. She lived ten years in Europe where she first began to work as an artist. She was a featured artist in the award-winning Thought Collection Literary and Art Journal, and her work has been published in several magazines and books including Mad Hatter’s Literary Review, Cold Creek Review, Poems of Love & Madness (52 illustrations), as well as exhibited regularly in art shows, including a recent exhibition in Bordeaux, France. She’s been accepted for Detroit’s popular DAMNED exhibit for seven consecutive years. In 2016, she helped Edward Stross (of Gonzos Art Studio) paint “The Rose Mural," a one-thousand square foot structure that was commissioned by the City of Roseville. She also recently had a solo show, "Spirits and Dust," at Studio 8700 in Oak Park, MI. Her representative style is mostly Imaginary Realism. Her favored mediums are oil paints, acrylics, and graphite. Artist Statement: I paint my own emotions and moods because they are alluring, colorful, and imaginative. Trained from childhood in classic art, today I combine a great eye for detail with meandering flows of emotional experience, creating images that are unreal and often do not exist. A soft darkness pervades most of my work. The images appear dreamlike, often nightmarish, coming from a deeply subconscious place. Thus my paintings are almost always highly symbolic. I wish to paint the past, but veiled in metaphor, so not to lose its mystery. Curriculum Vitae: (recent) Murals: 2016 • 2016, April-May - "The Rose Mural," commissioned by City of Roseville (donated mural), Utica Rd. Roseville, MI; 1000 square foot (outdoor) urban mural painted with and designed by Edward Stross of Gonzos! Art Studio in Roseville, MI, a two months project. Published Art: • 2017 Cold Creek Review, Issue 2, "Weary Dead"  (water color and ink) • 2017 (January, issue 1), Synaeresi Arts and Poetry, “The Gate Keeper” (acrylic on paper), “Some Quiet Little Company” (detail) (acrylic on canvas), “The Vanishing Point” (copyright 2015; see Thought Collection Journal) • 2016 (June/July, issue 5) Thought Collection Literary and Fine Art Journal: Anatomy of Illumination (award-winning literary and visual art journal), “Reflections” (graphite drawing) • 2016 (March, issue 38) Thought Collection Publishing Newsletter - Because of You, editor Kat Lahr published "Metamorphosis" (acrylic on paper), featured artist • 2015 Thought Collection Literary and Fine Art Journal, editor Kat Lahr published “Waiting for Spring” (acrylic painting) - Featured Artist 9/7/15; “The Vanishing Point” (acrylic painting) - Featured Artist 9/4/15; “The Door in the Woods” (September 2015 newsletter) • 2015 – Thought Collection Publishing Newsletter,  editor Kat Lahr published “Carrying my Mother Into Infinity” (acrylic painting) • 2014 – Mad Hatters Literary Review magazine published “The Raven” (graphite drawing) • 2014 – Thought Collection Literary and Fine Art Journal (March / Featured Artist Program (award winning), “Leda & The Swan” (acrylics), “Carrying My Mother into Infinity (acrylics), and “She Bled Love (My Mother)” (acrylics) • 2014 – Thought Collection Literary and Fine Art Journal, “Fleurs Du Mal” (watercolor), “Take Me Home” (acrylics), “Floating Worlds” (watercolor), “Illusions” (graphite), “Frida” (acrylics) • 2010 – Everything but the Kitchen Sink (half book), Fall Edition, Macomb Guild of Writers through Macomb College, published “Floating World 2,” (color illustration) • 2010 – The House Was Haunted (half book), Harvest Edition, Macomb Guild of   writers, published “The Children’s Dance” (graphite illustration) • Bac Street Journal, Nov. 2010, Vol.2 #2 ISSN 2158-530X, published “The Little Girl” (graphite illustration) • 1996 – Introspective Magazine, vol. 2. No. 6, published “Phantom” (ink drawing) Books: 2018 – Detroit Disinterred (an artist’s view), Paula Marie Deubel, text and photography; published by Gallery of Spirits and Dust • 2006 – Exposed, Nancy Vance, published “David” (graphite illustration) • 2005 – Poems of Love & Madness, P. Mari, Archangel & White Feather Press (50 graphite and charcoal illustrations) • 1999 – 9th Annual First People’s International Trade Fair and Expo Ecology Book (cover art, ink drawing figure), published by South East Michigan Indians, Centerline, MI • 1995 – Voices from Our Conscience, P. Mari, Archangel & White Feather Press (twelve graphite illustrations) Awards and Contests: 1998 – First Place (logo design for t-shirt contest) at South East Michigan Indians, Inc., Centerline, MI Exhibitions: Solo Art Show: November 3, 2019 at Studio 8700, Oak Park, MI, "Spirits and Dust Solo Art Show" (41 oil, acrylic, watercolor, and graphite pieces); curator William Colony 2019 2019 – January 19th – 30t, “You Can’t Touch a Ghost” exhibit curated by Anna Van Schaap at Galleri 2987, Detroit, MI, “Angelis Mortis” (acrylic on canvas) 2018 • 2018 – December, “The Last Greatest Christmas Show on Earth,” Studio 8700, Oak Park, MI, “Spirits at Lake Sigh” (acrylic on canvas) and “Holiday Cheer/Holiday Drear (the Aging Painting)” (acrylic on canvas), curated by Steve Gamburd • 2018 – Solo Show November 3, Studio 8700, Oak Park, MI, "Spirits and Dust Solo Art Show" (41 oil, acrylic, watercolor, and graphite pieces); curator William Colony • 2018 – October 25th – 27th, “The Heirs,” (acrylic on canvas), DAMNED, an Exhibition of Enlightened Darkness,” curated by Anthony Divas at Tangent Gallery • 2018 – September – “Art in the Elements,” Plein Air, Cranbrook floral event, “Peaceful Respite,” Cranbrook Gardens, MI, curator Laure Deluga and Brian Skol • 2018 – May through June, “Exhibition Peace and Harmony,” “Save Our World,” acrylic, Bordeaux France and India, curated by Marishka V. Ondrich • 2018, spring (one month show) – “London Calling, “Incantations” (acrylic on paper), “Spring Metamorphosis” (acrylic on paper), “Some Quiet Little Company” (acrylic on canvas), “Colorful Jumping Spider” (mini painting, acrylic on canvas), “Bird and Blooms” (watercolor), curated by London Calling Salon, Roseville, MI • 2018, April 6th & 7th – “Dearborn Gallery Rally,” 5 acrylic pieces including “Painted Smile” (acrylic on canvas), “Spring Metamorphosis” (acrylic on canvas), “Colorful Jumping Spider” (acrylic on canvas), curated by City of Dearborn, MI • 2018, spring – “The Infinite Undoing,” Galleri 2987 Detroit, MI, “Tormented Bloom” (acrylic on canvas), Things Feel Heavy (Anna Van Schaap and Casey Shaver) • 2018, spring – Venus Rising Exhibit, (3 pieces) Tangent Gallery Detroit, curated by Fancy Pants Co. • 2018, 1/26 – 1/27, Sci-Fi Exhibit, “Floating World” (watercolor), Tangent Gallery, Detroit, Curated by Xaina Mullvihill of Breaking Borders 2017 • 2017 – Oct. 25 – 28th -- “DAMNED 10th Annual (Exhibition of Enlightened Darkness),” Tangent Gallery, Detroit, “Uplifted” (acrylic on canvas), curated by Anthony Divis • 2017 – October – “Peace and Harmony Exhibit” (translation), Bordeaux, France, “Save Our Earth,” Curated by Mariska Veepilaikaliyamma Ondrich • 2017 – “Small Wonders” exhibit, Atomic Café, Hamtramck, MI “Cat in Moonlight” (acrylic on canvas), curated by Anthony Divis • 2017 – July -- “Mail Art” exhibition Madurai, India, “Save Our Earth,” curated by Mariska Veepilaikaliyamma Ondrich • 2017—June 20 – “See What Stacy Started Group Exhibition,” The Phoenix Café, Hazel Park, MI (two graphite drawings) • 2017 – May 27th – May 28th – “The Sacred Feminine” exhibit,” Annex Gallery, Highland Park, MI “Frida” (acrylic on canvas), “Incantations” (acrylic on paper); curated by the Sacred Feminine (juried) Committee • 2017 – April – “The Rite of Spring” exhibit,” The Loft Fine Art Gallery, Mount Clemens, MI • “Incantations” (acrylic on paper), “Diversity in Fruition” (watercolor), “Metamorphosis” (acrylic on paper); curated by Soren Soto 2016 • 2016, November 18, “Fire Sale iii,” Tangent Gallery, Detroit, MI “The Blue Flame” (acrylic on paper)), “Lost in a Crowd” (watercolor and ink), “The Seed of Life” (ink and watercolor), “The Butterfly of Love” (ink and watercolor), curated by Mike Kelly • 2016, October 28th, 29th.30th, 31st – DAMNED ix (Tangent Gallery), Detroit, MI 48207, “The Folly of Hope,” (acrylic on canvas), curated by Anthony Divis • 2016 – “Small Wonders, An Exhibition of Tiny Art” (The Atomic Café Gallery), Hamtramck, MI, “Daddy’s Little Girl,’ Jumping Spider” (acrylic on canvas) and  “Big Daddy’ Jumping Spider (acrylic on wood),” curated by Anthony DVS • 2016 - April 15 -Inner State Gallery ("Whitdel Arts Membership Exhibition"), Detroit, MI 48207, "Weary Dead" (watercolor and ink) and "Some Quiet Little Company" (acrylic on canvas), curated by Whitdel Arts • 2016 - April 7 - Blue Line Art Gallery ("8th Annual Lottery for the Arts"), California, "Mermaids' Garden" (watercolor), curated by Katie Curler, Blue Line Arts • 2016 - April 1 - Rejected, A Second Chance Art Show, Tangent Gallery, Detroit, MI 48207, "The Divine Flutist," (tempera paint on paper) • 2016 - March 28th - Third annual Venus Rising: An All Women Art Exhibition, Tangent Gallery, Detroit, MI 48207, "Weary Dead" (ink and watercolor) and "The Ghost of Wuthering Heights" (oil paint), curated by Fancy Pants Arts and Entertainment • 2016 - January 30th - Spellbound, Tangent Gallery, Detroit, MI, "Incantations" (acrylic on paper), curated my Xaina Mulvihil 2015: 1. 2015, October 29-31 - DAMNED viii / (Tangent Gallery), Detroit, MI 48207,                    “Angelis Mortis" (acrylic on canvas), curated by Anthony Divis and Joseph Ferraro 2. 2015, October – The Museum of New Art (MONA) / North (“The Next Big Thing) Troy, MI 48083, “Some Quiet Little Company” (acrylic on canvas), curated by Jeff Bourgeau 3. 2015, August – 42Maple Contemporary Art Gallery (“SHOCK”), Bethlehem, New Hampshire, “Beyond the Veil” (acrylic on wood), “Skull Blossoms” (acrylic on canvas), “Rest in Peace (oil paint on canvas) 4. 2015, - Corpus Illuminata V, an Anatomic Interpretation (Tangent Gallery), Detroit, MI 48207, “Anatomy of Pain” (acrylic on paper), curated by Anthony Divis 5. 2015, - Breaking Borders (Tangent Gallery), Detroit, MI 48207, “My Head in the Clouds” (acrylic on paper), curated by Xaina Mulvihill 6. 2015 SWSS 2nd Annual Art Show (Phoenix Café), Hazel Park, MI, “Marissa 1 (and 2),” graphite drawing, curated by Steve Gambur 7. 8. 2015, July – Small Wonders, An Exhibition of Tiny Art (The Atomic Café), Hamtramck, MI, “Little Jumping Spider” (acrylic and watercolor), curated by Anthony DVS 9. 2015, April – Burt’s Warehouse Theater (“Detroit Erotica Ball”), Detroit, MI, “Mermatious” (acrylic on paper), curated by Brian Lewandowski 10. 2015 – Blue Line Arts Gallery (“Lottery for the Arts”), Roseville, California, “Tree Spirits (acrylic on wood)” juror D. Neath 11. 2015 – Breaking Borders (“Fantasy”), Tangent Gallery, Detroit, MI 48207; exhibited “Weary Dead” (water color and ink on paper), curated by Xaina Mulvihill 2014: 1. 2014 – Spread Art /Detroit Contemporary (“Water! @Detroit Contemporary”), Detroit, MI, exhibited “Urban Mermaid” (acrylic on paper), curated by Christina deRoos, Co-Director 2. 2014 – Arterie Fine Arts Gallery (“Inspiration Within”), Naperville, Illinois; exhibited “Black Moon (acrylics on wood), Lunatic (watercolor), Lonely Nude (acrylic on canvas), curated by JoAnne Larson 3. 2014 – Tangent Gallery (“DAMNED vii”), Detroit, MI 48207; exhibited “The Secret Life of Embers” (acrylics on wood), “Take Me Home” (acrylics), curated by Anthony Dvs 4. 2014 – Ferndale Public Library (“Menagerie”), Ferndale, MI; exhibited “Enraptured Nut (Fall Harvest)” (tempera), curated by Lindsey Harnish 5. 2014 – The Phoenix Café (“Hallow Art V”), Hazel Park, MI; “Lunatic” (water color),” Pretty Girl” (colored pencil on slate),“Arms of Winter” (water color), curated by Brian Lewandowski and Steve Gamburt 6. 2014 – Tangent Gallery (“Corpus Illuminata IV”), Detroit, MI 48207; exhibited “The Flowers of Evil” (mixed media), curated by AnthonyDvs 7. 2014 – Tangent Gallery (“Breaking Borders”), Detroit, MI 48207; exhibited “Urban Mermaid” (acrylics on canvas paper), curated by Xaina Mulvihill 8. 2014 – Tangent Gallery (“Little Black Helicopters”), Detroit, MI 48207; “Reptilian Agenda” (acrylics on canvas paper), curated by Mike Kelly 9. 2014 – Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit, MI (“Women, an Exhibition”); exhibited “Frida (Kahlo)” (acrylics), curated by Myett Risker 10. 2014, August – Ferndale Public Library, (“Menagerie”), Ferndale, MI, “Enraptured Nut” (tempera), curated by Lindsey Harnish 11. 2014 - Detroit Erotica Ball, Bert's Warehouse, Detroit, MI; exhibited “Incubus” (graphite) and “Lover’s Unfolding” (graphite) 12. 2014 –Ferndale Public Library, MI ("The Love of Reading”); exhibited “The Forbidden Forest” (acrylics), curated by Lindsey Harnish 2013: 1. 2013 – (October) Tangent Gallery (“DAMNED V”), Detroit, MI, 48207; exhibited “Purgatory” (watercolor) and “Weary Dead” (watercolor), curated by Anthony DVS 2. 2013 Ferndale Public Library ("The Power of Myth”) sponsored by the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA), MI; exhibited “Leda & the Swan” (acrylics), curated by Lindsey Harnish 3. 2013 – (November) Tangent Gallery (“Noche de los Muertos”), Detroit, MI, 48207; exhibited “Frida (Kahlo)” (acrylics), curated by AnthonyDvs 4. 2012 – Tangent Gallery (“DAMNED VI”), Detroit, MI 48207; exhibited “The Feast” (graphite), curated by AnthonyDvs 5. 2009 – “Global Communiqué,” Detroit, MI; exhibited “The Feast (graphite drawing), curated by Steve Meyer Organizations: • Whitdel Art Detroit (membership) 2017 • Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit (member, 2013 & 2015) • Detroit Society of Women Painters (current) • National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) (current) Other: • 2014 (July) – Madalena Labao-Tello of Chile featured “Frida” in “Obsessed with Frida,” Fine Art America (online) • 2015, July 4, Fine Art America, “Les Fleur Du Mal” featured in Premium FAA Artists    
Primary Medium/Industry Fine Art/Fine Craft
Experience level in primary Medium/Industry Master
Secondary Medium/Industry Illustration/Calligraphy
Experience level in secondary Medium/Industry Advanced
Tertiary Medium/Industry Words
Experience level in tertiary Medium/Industry Advanced
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Education Trained in traditional art since age nine at private art school and continuing on (uninterrupted) through studying oil painting under various artists until age 18, and longer.
Associations and Affiliations   • Whitdel Art Detroit (membership) 2017 • Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit (member, 2013 & 2015) • Detroit Society of Women Painters (current) • National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) (current)
Awards 1998 – First Place (logo design for t-shirt contest) at South East Michigan Indians, Inc., Centerline, MI
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