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Name Patricia A Domanski
Title Fine Art Oil Painter (speciaizing in companion animals in unique settings; and, fruits, vegetables and floral still life)
City Saint Clair Shores
State Michigan
Country United States (US)
Tell us about yourself! I have a special connection, admiration, and respect for all creatures on this Earth. Painting animals - especially companion animals - by capturing their essence through creative positioning, is what I love best. By depicting my subjects in unique settings, the spirit of the animal emerges, and viewers can interpret and create their own stories; hence, animal paintings that tell a story. With my background in traditional oil painting (with skills as a still life, landscape, and portrait painter), I am able to bring a mix of the old and new to create, one of a kind, pet paintings.   My other passion is still life painting and more recently landscape and waterscape scenes. Setting up fresh fruits, flowers, and vegetables is a joy as they are great subjects and are able to keep perfectly "still".  Working from life creates color harmonies, intricacies and wonderful brushwork that sometimes is missing when painting strictly from photographs. Photographs can be invaluable to our artworks, but painting from life brings a fresh approach. This is why I choose to paint from life whenever possible. Living so close to Lake Saint Clair has also given me an opportunity to paint her beautiful vistas which has also opened my eyes to painting other landscapes and waterscapes.   The animal, still life and waterscape/landscape paintings in these portfolios are available and I am accepting commission requests from all genres.  
Primary Medium/Industry Fine Art/Fine Craft
Experience level in primary Medium/Industry Advanced
Education I had the great fortune to study with the following Master Artists: Richard House (specialty Still Life), Red Lion, Pennsylvania; Portraitist, Elizabeth Byrd Mitchell, Ruxton, Maryland, and former owner of the Mitchell School of Fine Arts; Landscape Artists, John Brandon Sills and Jim Cox, Baltimore, Maryland; and, Figurative and Equestrian painter (and now an emerging Contemporary Painter) Marcus Hodge, Oxford, England.

Patricia A Domanski

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