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Name Nemanja Rosic
Title Artist
City Ypsilanti
State Michigan
Country United States (US)
Tell us about yourself! TECHNOLOGY IS FASCINATING... Motherboards, hardware, diodes, electronic information processors, chips… For a while now, access to information has been a necessity for our existence; our reliance and dependence on right information, at all times, through technological devices, has turned processors into umbilical-cords for contemporary humans. Their constructs change with lightning speed and their intricacies evolve into ever-so-clever and truly functional concepts. As a fine-arts-trained person lacking the perspective of an engineer, I feel an overwhelming need to explore and get more familiar with the structures and possibilities of technological devices: I tend to be mystified by the complex and sound design of a computer processor. By dissecting and re-assembling the chip (core/cell of a computer’s brain) via painting, I seek to understand its potential through visual analysis, and exhibit the interesting visual consistency, unity, symmetry, and texture I find in the circuitry. My paintings portray the micro-circuit: its physicality and (to me) an appealing pictorial strength (like a hard-edge abstract experiments of, let’s say, Piet Mondrian) – striving to turn these portraits into beautiful and visually powerful macro-objects. In doing so, I seek to assign a certain significance to a chip beyond just its functionality, and use my artistic practice to marvel the importance of science for the existence of contemporary society. I paint on slim-profiled Aluminum, or plexiglass, with transparent acrylic medium and paint. Aluminum (or plexiglass) support resembles the silicon board/base of the chip. I use the acrylic medium mixed with pigments to cover the chosen surface with a thick, transparent glaze mimicking the factory based silicon layering. Similarly to factory “stamping” process, I transfer the chosen chip design onto the acrylic glaze film exposing the sections and channels. The channels have a networked appearance, resembling the micro-wires of the chip-circuitry. After coloring of these sections and channels, the work becomes a large painted image of the miniature conductors of the circuit.
Primary Medium/Industry Fine Art/Fine Craft
Experience level in primary Medium/Industry Advanced

Nemanja Rosic

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