• Megan LaCroix posted an update 1 week, 6 days ago

    @jessicademuro Hey! Great to reconnect! What have you been working on?

    • Hey! Definitely great to reconnect! I just finished up a month long solo exhibition at Norwest a couple weeks ago! So mostly getting myself reorganized to move forward on a couple of conceptual pieces and some
      New bodies of work 😁 how about you?!

      • I’ve been laying low lately and working on my latest collections. I am also starting two new business ventures with my partner @craigblackmoore. Dinamic Constrast and SmokeyCitrine. We are doing a test of SmokeyCitrine at Winterfest in Dearborn Dec 14. I am excited to see how it is received by the people who come out!

        Congrats on your show ending. Any idea what direction you want your new work to go in?

        ALSO I deleted my IG in the spring. I just got a new one for my personal and Citrine Tangerine. @citrinethejeweler and @citriollionaire

        I hope to run into you and Light some time soon. <3