• Karen Zuk posted an update 7 months, 1 week ago

    Oh My, I am falling down on my duties. Please welcome new business Rho&Nya Apparel @rhonyaapparel – Nice to have you join our EC networking community. Please tell us about your business. Do you have a website, instagram or Facebook page we can visit? How can EC help you succeed in your industry.

    Hey EC peeps, please add Rho&Nya Apparel as a connection.

    • Hi Karen and everyone at EC!
      I am delighted to discover EC through an awesome lady I met at the Women’s Wear Market, Livonia MI yesterday. Her name is Andrea Mohr. She is the organizer of the show and the owner of the Silver Lining Productions. A little about myself and business: I graduated from the Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelors in Apparel, Textile and Merchandizing in April 2018. I launched my business Rho & Nya Apparel last year August. It is an online women’s fashion/clothing store at the moment with hopes of having a physical store in the near future and also hoping to expand to men’s and kids wear later. I do have a website but please check out my portfolio first at here: https://rirechuk.wixsite.com/myportfolio/portfolio. I am presently designing for individuals on couture level due to lack of funding. I really need funding to produce collections and feature them at many trade shows to get orders to grow my business. It is a pleasure to discover this organization and I am grateful to Andrea Mohr for pointing me to the right direction. She also asked me to connect with Andrea Rosenfield-Bogart here in Embrace Creatives. Could someone please link me to her? I would like to meet her. I can be reached by email or phone at rhoandnyainc@gmail.com, 248-533-3083. Thank you all. Rhoda

      • SO happy to have you here in our professional creative network, Rhoda! Please take advantage of our unlimited image uploads and connections! ~TEAM EC

    • Never, Karen – You’re an AMAZING EC Ambassador and we adore you!