• Karen Zuk posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hello Soren Soto @sorensoto & Amy Parker @amyparker – Welcome to Embrace Creatives. User manual on the right, Stuff to do/check out on the left. Please tell us a little about yourself/your work.

    How did you hear about EC?

    Have a great afternoon.

    • Hello, Karen.
      I’m an Artist, Musician, and a previous Gallery Manager. I met Andrea some years ago, I’m not certain if she remembers me. I saw the circulating “Coffee with Andrea” which prompted me to make a profile here on embrace creatives.

      I guess I would describe my work as colorful and dissonant. I work in mixed media but primarily with watercolors. I would like to get back to creating more often and sharing occasional knowledge with other artists. I had my first solo show last spring and it took so much energy I had to hibernate for a while.

      Thank you! I hope to see work from all of you as well.
      Have a great evening.
      You can view my work here:

      You can hear my work here:

      • Of course I remember you, Soren and I’m SO happy you’ve joined our growing, professiinal art community! I’m looking forward to seeing your portfolios here and hopefully seeing you, in person again. 😊

        • Thank you, Andrea! Hopefully we can find some time to meet soon. 🙂

          • Yes! I’ll be at the Embrace Creatives Feedback Forum on the 19th and our Mix With a Maker on the 30, if you can come to either. I’ll be setting up the Feedback event registration tomorrow. 🙂

      • Oh I just followed you on instagram! Congrats on the solo show. Thats really amazing stuff. Creat and share, we love to hear that.
        I am going to listen to your work asap! Thanks for joining us.