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    UPDATE ON DIA TOUR – I have 12 people now, so I think I can go ahead and register us for a date – even though they need at least 14. It has to be at least 4 weeks from the day I register. That falls Mid July. I am thinking a weekend so Saturday or Sunday. I think they will give me the date/time once I register. Stay tuned :-). I still need a few more people so please please if you want to do a tour at the DIA say yes and join the rest of us. This is in celebration of our 1st Birthday.

    1 Me
    2 Andrea
    3 David Bogart (I just included you LOL)
    3 Michael Kruso
    4. Thomas Grubba (if right day)
    5. From Instagram holdyourforks
    6. From Instagram Art_by_Dstring
    7. From Instagram Markhamartist
    8. From Instagram Jennyindetwah
    9. Steve Czapiewski
    10. Tracy Wilson
    11. Aleks aleksandrailicbjelica
    13 Carla Anderson
    14. Susan Haifleigh
    15. Jamie Feldman
    16. Diane Nunex
    17 Debbie Lapratt
    18 Sarah Moss
    19. Jamie Feldman

    Original Message:
    etro Detroit Members : Will you join EC for a Detroit Institute of Arts PRIVATE tour to celebrate our birthday? We need 15 people so **PLEASE RESPOND BELOW**

    (Residents of Wayne, Oakland and Macomb county get free admission.) @karenzuk, our EC Ambassador is organizing this for us. RESPOND YES if you want to attend.