• Karen Zuk posted an update 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    So how is everybody storing their work? I have my paintings by size on shelves etc…but I haven’t been wrapping them. I don’t think this is good because of dust and I don’t want the few that are framed to get scratched…just wondering how everyone keeps their precious work safe….

    Why does it feel like Friday 😛

    • I have some in cheap frames, others I have varnished to protect them. Windsor Newton professional gloss varnish spray is what I use.

      • I have a few framed. I always varnish mine. I am thinking about storing in pillowcases for the smaller ones when they have dried for a long time.

        I am so messy in my studio..it’s awful

        • I remember seeing artist James Gurney store his small pieces in drawers. I’m messy too, I have mine stacked against my walls and dresser.

    • When you say “on a shelf”, you mean horizontally, stacked? Paintings are typically stored standing up in verticle “bins” but not everyone has room. I stand mine up in a bunch leaning against a wall, like Michael. You can cover them with a sheet to keep them safe from dust. I like the pillowcase idea. I imagine that if you don’t mess around with them too much, they won’t scratch.