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Name Karen [Wild Dreamzz]
Title Intuitive Designer and Visual Artist
City Brisbane
Country Australia
Tell us about yourself! Australian Intuitive Designer and Visual Artist Wild Dreamzz who has gained notice with her Unique Perspective to Energy within Possibility, Inspiration, and Magic showcases to the world these Art Deco Modern Style Designs for your pleasure. And most recently she has delved into the world of Surreality | Noir to bring you her collection of Intuitive Deco | Surreality | Noir Art. She applies her Unique Dreamzz Weaving Life Skills, Strategies and a Creative Heart focussed Attitude to her work. Her Intuitive Designs appeal to the Senses and are a very Unusual and Unique Gift. She Says, there is a Key to the Powerful Magical Relationship of Art and Spirituality that Expands as my Art Work comes into Focus in this Conversation within Creativity. Working to an ideal of 'Excellence of Extreme Potential', she is always moving ahead of today's Surreality. This approach allows her to create Visual Storytelling through her Dreamzz Weaving Visions, so she is expanding on what art can be rather than just a canvas. Her Wild Dreamzz designs will lead us on a journey of our soul experiencing on the way all the opportunities that The Source Goddess intends to bring us to our full potential. As you can imagine, this is a lifetime journey for her to draw this transformation to us.
Primary Medium/Industry Design
Experience level in primary Medium/Industry Emerging
Secondary Medium/Industry Fine Art/Fine Craft
Experience level in secondary Medium/Industry Emerging
Tertiary Medium/Industry Fiber/Textiles
Experience level in tertiary Medium/Industry Emerging
Education Self Taught and being Creative beyond my reality arriving at a space that is truly intuitively remarkable and emotional.
Associations and Affiliations Social Media For Instagram - @thedreamzweaver For Twitter - @TigaLilliBiz For FB -
Type of Artists I want to connect with Design
Type of Businesses I want to connect with Interior Design

Karen [Wild Dreamzz]

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