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Name Jill Herlands
Title Artist
City New York
State New York
Country United States (US)
Tell us about yourself! Jill Herlands is a self-taught art-jewelry artist living and working in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City. Jill began her metalwork career in 2015 and uses hand fabrication to create miniature sculptures. She works with precious metals and raw gemstones, as well as non-traditional materials such as concrete and resin. Jill’s work recently won the Applied Art/Contemporary Craft category at and received an Honorary Mention at ‘Fun House 18’ Barrett Art Center, Poughkeepsie, NY. Her work has been featured in numerous articles, interviews and fashion and accessory blogs, and her exhibitions have been covered online and in print media. Jill’s work is featured in ‘JAMS’, an annual publication that highlights the best new work being made in the international field of jewelry and metals and one of her designs is on the cover of ‘Fierce and Frail: of Beings, Beasts and Seed’. She was also featured in Benchpeg’s article, ‘Micro Scenery and Architectural Influences.’ Her current and upcoming exhibitions are ‘10x10x10, at Tieton Arts Center in Tieton, WA, ‘Makers Mark’, Verum Ultimum, Portland, OR, ‘No Matter Matters’, at Gold and Black Style in Milan, Italy, ‘About Volumes’, Contemporary Art Jewelry Exhibition in Venice, Italy, ‘Fierce & Frail’, at Verum Ultimum Gallery in Portland, OR, ‘Act 2: Art as a second Career’ at Peters Valley Crafts in Layton, NJ, and ‘Fun House 18: Art of the Surreal, Fantastic, and Bizarre’, at Barrett Art Center, Poughkeepsie, NY Jill has a large number of social media followers @jillherlands and her work can be found online at, at Church Boutique, West Hollywood, CA and at Dreams On Air, New York, NY
Primary Medium/Industry Fashion/Accessories/Jewelry
Experience level in primary Medium/Industry Advanced
Secondary Medium/Industry Design
Experience level in secondary Medium/Industry Advanced
Tertiary Medium/Industry Fine Art/Fine Craft
Experience level in tertiary Medium/Industry Advanced
Artist Statement Download file
CV or Résumé Download file
Education Self-taught
Associations and Affiliations Klimt02 Craft Council SNAG Crafthaus WJA
Awards Winner - Baby Forest Awards, 2018 Applied Art/Contemporary Craft Honorable Mention – ‘Fun House 18’ Barrett Art Center, Poughkeepsie, NY
Type of Artists I want to connect with Design
Type of Businesses I want to connect with Fashion
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Jill Herlands

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