• James Boyk posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    he makes sense!!

    • Been listening to George Duke off of iTunes …An album called “George Duke The Era will Prevail” it was $35.00 for 60 plus songs. He was a keyboardist for Zappa back in the day. Oh my what a musician Duke is. I am looking at Zappa thinking about art filters. How Zappa inspired other artists to work. Hunting down his work ethic and methodology. I am looking for art filters to employ. Through watching interviews and other documentries of Frank Zappa in the effort of defining something for painting. In any rate do check out George Duke’s album on iTunes for $35.00. It has songs that have been discontinued from cd format…I have hunted for them they are no longer printed. Been watching Steve Vai and Terry Bozzio interviews which they mention Zappa.

    • Always liked his point of view….