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Name Henrik Saar
Title Visual artist
City Fredericia
Country Denmark
Phone 45+27922560
Tell us about yourself!

I grew up, playing, learning, and working on my daddy's Architect office, convinced that one day, I would become an Architect like my father as well. But I had no interest in houses or buildings at all, nor was I very efficient. But I had this weird interest in drawing, in cartoons and emotional poetry, which I didn't understand myself, so to act a little rational, I started to study at the Seminary school to become a teacher instead. Soon my studies were converted into pure art, psychology, and theology instead. Then one night, I had a dream that told me pretty clear to pack my stuff, leave my studies, my girlfriend and everything behind, and go out and become an artist. It was in 1989 when I was 22 years old.  I felt no doubt about the message from the dream, and that's the source for the life I'm living today. I still remember the content from that dream, and it still influences my images.

What I express has to be part of my self and part of the world that created me. I believe in the genie effect in being a contemporary painter: That I am attracting things to happen the way I focus on the subject, I'm creating. And that's the same energy that makes me create new pictures every day.

The allegories in my pictures take form from my poetical interpretation of situations we as human beings are familiar to - Could be anxiety, feeling of being liberated, or escape from something. At the same time, I've got the habit of adding an electric contact, a settings app, or even an emoji because these things have become essential for us to look at and to use, more than landscapes or maritime backgrounds.

It's important to me to remain very human in my expression, to witness universal life without becoming ordinary realistic. The raw realism appears too heavy and dull to me, so I try to express a colorful parallel tale to reality by using bright primary and secondary colors and remarkable evident brushstrokes as active and dynamical part of the expression. Therefore the textural or impasto painting is vital in my pictures and provides me with a unique feeling of modeling contact with the subject I create. It becomes substantial real in my hands and my mind. It becomes an exceptional individual to me through its physical presence.

Primary Medium/Industry Fine Art/Fine Craft
Experience level in primary Medium/Industry Master
Secondary Medium/Industry Illustration/Calligraphy
Experience level in secondary Medium/Industry Master
Tertiary Medium/Industry Words
Experience level in tertiary Medium/Industry Master
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Education 1999 - Graduated teacher with line subjects in visual arts and religion Tønder statsseminarium CVU 1988 - 89 and Haderslev stats seminarium CVU 1995 - 99 - Main subject: Existential Aesthetics and adult pedagogy
Associations and Affiliations Memberships and associations throughout my career that started as a conscious choice of life in 1989: 2003. Founded the artist group: UMBRA 2007 Member of Art Domain, Leipzig - Germany - Member of "Who is Who in visual art vol. 2008 - 2009: 2007  Member of Berlin-out, Danish Embassy, Berlin 2009  Member of L`opera Celeste - Art-Stars - Italy 2009 Member of "101 Danish Artists" by Tom Jorgensen, DK 2010 Member of Art Review England Member of: Artist's Alley juried artist association, USA Member of World Art Foundation by Jojo Marengo, USA Member of Fine Art Management Agency (FAMA), USA Member of "International contemporary masters, USA 2011 Founder of ANIMA / ApS All Nations In Modern Art Member of MEGA ART, Italy 2012 Member of KE, Denmark Artists' Autumn Exhibition 2015 Member of ART UpClOSE, Gallery Artifact, USA The Best 2015 Modern and Contemporary Artists Italy 2017 Art Design Cultans, USA 2019.  AIAM Accademia internazionale DÁrte Moderna 2019 Embrace Art, USA
Awards 2020: Became member of the SeeMe Society, working with Sotherby's. ArtTourInternational: Picked me out to be one of the most remarkable Artists of the Decade2019 - Thus I received the certificate: Artist of the decade. Circle Foundation Of Arts, Lyon France: Certificate of Honor at the Artist of the Year contest. 2019: Artavita: Certificate of Excellence for being a finalist to promote at the front cover of Important World Masters. 2019: ArtTourInternational: ARTYA Artist of the year award.2019: Debute at the Venice Biennale, exposing at the Zenobio Palace2019  AIAM Competition  Medusa Aurea - Artist of the year 2018 - 2019-Gold medal  (Diploma)- International prize, Italy 2016  Leonardo Da Vinci , The universal artist  (a plaque) -  In pallas Borghese, Florence -  International prize, Italy 2015  Artists at the Castle (a plaque) - International prize, Castello Orsini , Italy 2015  Michelangelo (A trophy) - Artists at the jubilee in Rome in pallas Kardinal Cessi, Vatican - International prize, Italy 2010  World Art Expo (a plaque) - in Las Vegas, USA 2007  Palm Art Award- Silver medal (a diploma), Leipzig, Germany. See more recognition by following the link below:
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