• Hannah Brisson posted an update 1 month ago

    Hello EC! My apologies for the delay on an intro for you all, we are in the midst of mid-terms at Macomb right now so I’ve been keeping my head down through preparation for those.

    First off, thank you @karenzuk for the warm welcome! I am so happy that a group such as this exists! I recently moved to the Detroit area from Columbus, OH which I called home for 6 amazing years. I have been straddling the line of making a career change towards the arts and away from kinesiology/exercise science for along time. I began attending some MeetUp group events down in Columbus focusing on UX and UI just to get to know more about it. I am currently majoring in motion design and minoring in project management at Macomb Community College full time and absolutely love love LOVE everything about the Media Arts & Communication program. I am hoping to work in experiential design as a motion designer one day. I am looking to make connections with those in the field but I am also interested in learning about other design trades and all parts of the design process.

    I don’t have much work to show right now as I am in the process of creating a (baby) portfolio in my first semester but would love to share work as I create it and I LOVE feedback of all kinds! Yes, it’s always nice to hear what is done well but I really enjoy hearing and learning about what could have been done better or other things to consider that I just didn’t think about.

    I’m thrilled to have a platform to share and be influenced by this group and I can’t wait to see the ways in which it will affect my thinking and my work. I’m hoping that I can provide a presence that contributes to what you are doing with Embrace Creatives.

    • Hannah! Welcome to metro Detroit and welcome to the arts! Oooh motion design… If that includes film and video, we have a few business members in that area. Please, please share any work you’d like and if you don’t want it to end up in the Art Gallery for Buyers to see, you can create a Project instead. Continue to share with us and as we grow, and engagement increases, we’ll have more people responding. Happy to have you in our network and hope to meet you soon. ~Andrea