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Name Eugene Harris
Title Abstract Artist
City Detroit
State Michigan
Country United States (US)
Tell us about yourself! I am a self taught artist residing in Detroit, MI.  I began my visual arts journey in 2003, due to an unfortunate incident that left some areas of the city without power because of a brown out where I lived was affected but surprisingly it brought all of my neighbors together.  I wanted to remember this day so I created my very first art piece that caught the attention of the new gallery owner that was moving into one of the commercial spaces, she asked to display it and it was sold within two days and the rest is history.  As a result I began in earnest creating work and shopping my work around for guidance and possibilities on showing but for whatever reason I found it difficult to get noticed so i formed and artist collective (Poor Man's Art Collective) and gathered new, emerging and self taught artists together pooled our resources and began doing pop up gallery exhibits 3 or 4 times a year not only helping myself but giving that opportunity to other artists like myself.  I am an abstract artist and I work with a handmade paper called Lokta which is dyed in an array of vibrant colors.  I utilize these papers to make images that often mimic painted canvases.
Primary Medium/Industry Fiber/Textiles
Experience level in primary Medium/Industry Advanced
Secondary Medium/Industry Printmaking/Paper
Experience level in secondary Medium/Industry Advanced
Artist Statement Download file
CV or Résumé Download file
Associations and Affiliations LGBT Detroit HTJ Fine Arts Committee Chair Poor Man's Art Collective Co-Founder/Director
Awards Most Sold Emerging Artist 2003 (Redd Apple Gallery)
Type of Artists I want to connect with Fine Art/Fine Craft
Type of Businesses I want to connect with Gallery/Exhibitions
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Eugene Harris

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