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    Can beer with Andrea far behind?

    • Beer with Andrea works, too! A bit harder to concentrate on the message but… 🍺

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    Nice! Thank you.

  • Ed Marsh posted an update 1 month ago

    Hello fellow creative types! I just posted a couple of items in the Classifieds that would be perfect for any studio. The drafting table would be a great holiday gift for a college student in the arts or for any studio artist where a large solid drawing surface could come in handy. Check out the table and the flat file and see if you could put…[Read more]

    • Exciting to see your studio items listed. 🙂 We promoted them via social media and will put it in our newsletter, too!

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    • Ed! Happy to have you in our professional art network. This month is our “do stuff” Contest with close to $2,000 worth of prizes! Read about it here: https://embracecreatives.com/2018/09/26/embrace-creatives-is-giving-away-prizes-want-to-win-yours-heres-how/

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