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Name Dominique Chastenet de Géry
Title fine arts painter
City Ann Arbor
State Michigan
Country United States (US)
Tell us about yourself! After many years as a figure and portrait artist, I've transitioned to landscape painting, concentrating on water. My paintings explore both above and below water, observing and contrasting the elements that define salt water venues from fresh water aquascapes. Using oils on panel or canvas allows layering and extensive glazing,  creating a sort of transparency uniquely suited to the motion and color of water, its fluidity and reflexive nature as well as its opacity. I work at tapping into the emotional timbre of an area. My landscapes are consciously chosen conglomerations of photographs I've taken over a span of several visits. I work from imagery of California, where I spent a large portion of my childhood, and Detroit, where I have lived most of my adult life.
Primary Medium/Industry Fine Art/Fine Craft
Experience level in primary Medium/Industry Master
Artist Statement Download file
CV or Résumé Download file
Education BA   University of Illinois at Circle MFA    Wayne State University
Associations and Affiliations Scarab Club
Type of Artists I want to connect with Fine Art/Fine Craft
Type of Businesses I want to connect with Interior Design
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Dominique Chastenet de Géry

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