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    i see lots of folks use Instagram. I am VERY new to it. not sure i get what it is really about…or why one uses. I only have two posts…trying to market my book… I had been on Saatchi while back… must go back to it and update…think i even forgot my password, etc..been so long. I had a few bum deals on it..so guess i dropped it..but suppose one day i may go back. So- how does one sell – art on Instagram…? or are you using it to guide folks to your website. here is a recent work in progress …mostly finished …maybe a few more tweaks. ‘Bleeding hearts” acrylic, mixed media on canvas. (will post more shots later)DSC_0108

    i see lots of folks use Instagram. I am VERY new to it. not sure i get what it is really about&#8230
    • Beautiful, Diane!

      Like everything, selling takes connections & relationship building, plus being prepared to succeed with the opportunities. Social media is good because it can introduce you to a lot of potential sales but you have to work it.

      • thanks Andrea! I understand about the networking … been hard for me to get around to meet with people. Unfortunately..but i hope to keep finding rides into Detroit when i can. I was asking more in regards to how is that people use Instagram to sell their art. I am told over and over to put my work on it- so far only shared few things as at moment my book is a focus. So before I add more to the stie-I will try to learn more about it. curious how people use it . I am sure there is information on it – will look into it again some day. Appreciate your input, always.

      • With Instagram it’s all about the hashtags. Adding hashtags that are relevant to your artwork allows people who are not your followers to see you work if they follow that specific hashtag. You can add up to 30 hashtags to each post. Follow other artists you like on Instagram and see what hashtags they use.

        Another tactic is to follow artists you like and then follow all their followers. Ideally they will see you followed them, click on your Instagram page, like your work, and follow you back.

        I totally agree with Andrea that networking in person has been more beneficial for me, especially EC events. But Instagram is a good way to market to people from around the world who would never typically see your work.

        Feel free to take a look at my Instagram page for content ideas @lacydraperart

        • thank you for the very helpful bit of information! really appreciate it!

          • No problem! To answer the second part of your question about selling on Instagram I’ve had better luck selling art through Facebook, but I can’t say I’ve dedicated much time to trying to sell via Instagram yet. Getting my online store going is still on my list of things to do lol