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    Good afternoon,
    Was thinking about how abstract artists plan their day. Share the following with others on this group by answering four questions:
    How often do you paint?
    How do you market your art?
    Do you have a studio?
    Where do you market your art?

    Thank you for participating! Have a great day!

    • Hi Diane!
      I paint mostly on weekends, certainly not as much as I’d like. Currently not actively marketing my art — a holiday show, instagram. But plan to start jumping into that real soon.
      How about you?

    • Not often enough. Market on instagram and art shows. My studio is in my home.

      • hello Wendy_ how is it that you market the work on instagram? what seems to work ? ( i really am new to it and really am unsure how to use it for art and my book… ). Still trying to learn the app. thank you!

    • Thank you for asking, Diane. Lately I was working on my writings more then on paintings. I was preparing for market by reshaping my statement, story, photographs of my paintings, website…. I also prepared my portfolio book and all nice details needed for professional approach. Mostly I use Instagram, Saatchi Art, and a few membership forum groups to connect with others. But I prefer direct communication in person over texting. I usually go into galleries or art centers and I am trying to make meaningful connections with smart people there.
      Now I am back to my studio, which is a part of my apartment. So that I may paint during night as well. (I’m lying. I’m back in front of the computer. Again. So, I need to be more persistent in changing habits.)

    • Thanks for asking Diane 🙂 I tend to go through spurts of painting excessively and then through periods of not painting at all either due to schedule or creative block. I’m currently not in painting mode. I paint in the morning and as the seasons are changing I have trouble adjusting.

      I currently market my art on Instagram and Facebook but I need to work on a more robust marketing plan. I’ve been participating in a few contests and looking into memberships with local art orgs as a way of broadening my reach.

      My studio is currently in my home, but I’d like to find a reasonable space in the city (maybe shared with a few other artists) where I could work on larger pieces. It’s hard to work big in my current small studio space.

    • I’ve finally cleaned up my studio space which is a room in my basement so I am trying to use it more. Even though it’s got a window the light isn’t great but I’m hoping to repaint the walls white and add some better lighting to make it better to work in. I try to paint as often as I can but that usually equates to 3 or 4 times a week for a few hours each. I would love to have a little studio in my backyard or above the garage but that’s not possible in our current home so for now I’m just happy to have a dedicated space to make a mess in.
      I’m mostly marketing myself on Instagram and Facebook and I’m trying to step up my game in that department because I have a goal to launch my new website with my first collection of paintings for sale on Oct. 15th!

    • I lost my studio space, so I am able to create as much as I would like. My pieces are large scale so I need a lot of room. Trying to look into studio space or talk my husband into creating me some space in our home. Art keeps me grounded, but I have not created anything in the last year. Can’t wait to get started, have so many ideas.