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Name Denise Cassidy Wood
Title Acrylic/Mixed Media Artist - Golden Artist Educator
City Northville
State Michigan
Country United States (US)
Tell us about yourself! "The composition of my work represents the freedom that I seek. Like me, the flowers cannot be contained, boxed in or trapped. When my flowers 'fall' off of the canvas, I feel completely free." I have found great passion in creating the colors and textures which eventually bloom into a bold, vibrant flower.  Being inspired by the serenity of nature and the energizing effect of vibrant colors, flowers provide a beautiful palette for me to explore and an opportunity to escape from the daily stresses of life and the freedom to express these feelings on canvas.  I enhance the contrast  between peaceful serenity and joyful energy with the textural element that I incorporate into each of my flowers. The smoothness of the petals against the highly textured pistil demonstrate, for me, how multiple and often conflicting emotions can exist in a cohesive and beautiful way. I enjoy the versatility of acrylic paints and the opportunity it provides to integrate mixed media. I continue to explore new ways to incorporate a variety of textural elements to each of my paintings. I’ve spent most of my life dabbling in various forms of art. In 2008, after hitting a creative wall and feeling an intense pull to nurture my creativity, I took a hobby level acrylic painting class and finally felt like I found my true calling. The freedom that I felt while painting was so powerful that I knew I had to explore further. The class was just the catalyst that I needed to express myself in a positive and therapeutic way. I am actively involved in encouraging others to also explore their path in art.  I am a Certified Golden Artist Educator teaching hands on workshops at Plymouth Community Art Council, Northville Art House and various venues throughout Michigan. It is my mission to promote joy and healing with my artwork.  I am proud to say that my work can be found in several Michigan hospitals and medical centers. As part of the "Healing Arts” initiative, my work has been chosen for permanent installation at Henry Ford, University of Michigan and Beaumont Medical Centers throughout Michigan.  
Primary Medium/Industry Fine Art/Fine Craft
Experience level in primary Medium/Industry Advanced
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Education Although I took college level drawing and design courses, I am a self taught acrylic/mixed media artist. In 2015, I spent a week in New Orleans training with GOLDEN Acrylics to become a Certified Golden Artist Educator.
Associations and Affiliations Instructor: Plymouth Community Arts Council and Northville Art House Member and Contributor: Detroit Artist market, Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, Plymouth Community Arts Council  
Type of Artists I want to connect with Fine Art/Fine Craft
Type of Businesses I want to connect with Interior Design

Denise Cassidy Wood

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