• Cari Smith-Gammicchia posted an update 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    @kennethclaes @ellenyaxartwork @andreabogart @jamesboyk Thank you all so much for your feedback and encouragement!!! I am so glad I was brave enough to ask – this has all been very helpful trying to recognize why the heck I needed to ask in the first place!
    @andreabogartI am worried of the craftsmanship, I think. many times I’m moving intuitively and look back and think it appears “messy” or yes chaotic. And @jamesboyk Huge insight thank you and it is def a mother nature/natural piece and the words evoked for you are “spot” on 😉 You may be right, I need to work out more of this. I have another piece, I feel the same way about – maybe that needs more exploration.

    I’m seeing that the more intimate the piece is to me the more I am questioning its truth.

    • I applaud your bravery, Cari and appreciate you trusting us with your emotions. You’re blessed to be able to move intuitively (I stress over every stoke) so keep on keeping on! Don’t worry about the chaos but if you think it appears “messy”, leave it for a few days and come back, taking note of your first thought and upload it here for us to comment. Jackson Pollack and so many artists have chaotic work and I wouldn’t call any “messy”. In terms of craftsmanship, my advice as a coach and curator is stick with the rules of composition, take chances and use a support network. Most Artists have doubts about their work, where they’re going and if it’s “done” or “good enough”. I’m hoping to get our in-person Feedback Forums started up again in Dearborn so you all can meet in person.