• Cara Mccullough posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    Kind of hit a road block. I was painting a lot but the last few days I just haven’t felt it even though the creativity is there. Anyone else run into this? How do you manage?

    • This is an important question, Cara and one that most artist’s face. (@steveczapiewski, didn’t you mention this today?) Although we WANT our EC community to share their thoughts, maybe you can start with this:

      • Yep, it’s a thing that we all have to deal with at one point or another. I get a few slumps a year, and as aggravating as they can be, it’s just part of being a creative. Sometime you just have to give in and let it happen. The trick is to not get stressed out over it (easier said than done). When I need to recharge my batteries or get over a block, I challenge my brain by going to art shows where I don’t know anyone, or see/listen to a band that I’m not familiar with. I’ll go to a figure drawing session or just hang out with my creative pals and commiserate.

    • I’ve been there numerous times before. What I usually do is take step back and read a book to settle. I also set whatever piece I’m doing and not even look at it for a couple of days and just mediate; realign my aura I guess you could say. Oh and music is another way I get it back, whatever genre or whatever singer or song that is meaningful to you can help.

    • I deal with this as well. Usually it means I am trying to force the process and nothing ever looks right to me. I also have a hard time “finishing” paintings. I think it’s because I get a thrill out of starting something new, then my confidence wanes as far as “is it done yet”. I have a few approaches. If I am not feeling inspired; I just paint therapeutically…like…maybe grab a palette knife and just start “frosting the canvas”. It’s more of getting that joyful feeling back; not really caring about the result. Or I do an acrylic pour for instant satisfaction. Usually once I start painting with no expectation, I can either get inspired to grab that unfinished piece and finish it, or keep working on the organic piece. Sometimes in this process I create really ugly art….thats okay, it’s fun either way…thats why God invented gesso 🙂

      And then sometimes; I choose just not to paint – and know it’s okay too….art is not about pressure on ones self…everyday life is pressure enough.