• Brant Anthony posted an update 4 days, 18 hours ago

    Thank you very much. I am interested in networking with all types of artists and businesses. I hope I am doing this communication correctly, I am new to all this and have been trying to learn how to respond and connect. I appreciate the support and apologize if I am slow to respond or connect as this is a lot for a low tech guy to get used to. Thanks again to everyone for this opportunity to work together.

    • Hi Brant! Looks like you’re doing everything right and don’t worry about “quick” or “precise” – This is a safe space for Artists to do business and a lot of us here aren’t super skilled in technology. Because EC is headquartered in Metro Detroit, I know a lot of our Members and they are kind and good people who are supportive and grateful for support from others and the other members, from other states and countries seem to be the same so… you’re in good company! I’d be very interested in seeing your work in person and meeting you so look into coming to our next Mix With a Maker (info on the right side of the website) – Plus you can meet other EC Members! Have a good weekend and thank you again for joining us here! ~Andrea

    • Hey Brant! I got your message so looks like your communication is working great. Can’t wait to see more work, because what I have seen so far is so interesting. Like Andrea said, what for the next Mix with a Maker and hang out with some cool peeps.