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Name Mira
Business Name Art For Wall
Title Owner
City Troy
State Michigan
Country United States (US)
Tell us about yourself! Welcome to (AFW)! Art for Wall is an online art gallery, located in Troy, MI, specializing in affordable, top quality wall art. Founded in the summer of 2008, Art for Wall features authentic art pieces produced by local, national & international gifted artists. Currently, AFW exhibits the captivating work of five talented artists exclusively commissioned for Art for Wall’s gallery. Moreover, the gallery exhibits many diverse art collections by integrating innovative styles/techniques with various forms of mediums & genre themes. To serve our customer base of art connoisseurs, small/mid-sized businesses & the corporate community, AFW furnishes original pieces in either two ways: by buying art pieces directly from an artist or by having works specifically commissioned. Each piece of art is hand-selected & critiqued by Art for Wall’s professional Art Conservator & commissioned artists before being qualified to sell to the public. Only art works that meet & exceed Art for Wall’s established standards & criteria are eligible to merge into an AFW collection. Wall art will unquestionably add personal flair & design to a room, & is often considered as displaying one’s inner self; therefore, most art buyers must really reflect on the message they would like to convey through the art work, which can be a timely process. When choosing supreme wall art for your home and/or business please allow the specialists at to aid you in your buying process to have a timely result. Our knowledgeable art professionals will ensure your needs & satisfaction are met & surpassed when finding the right art piece. We at AFW will transform your walls from a dull & lethargic monotone into an enchanting & vibrant liveliness. Your newly decorated walls are guaranteed to emit a natural beauty to induce an inviting atmosphere & enhance the ambiance of a room & its surroundings. We at would first like to thank our art patrons & visitors for their continued interested & support in the arts. Our Mission: strives to uphold the appreciation, purpose & significance of the arts by acknowledging & exhibiting authentic pieces from worldwide endowed artists to foster awareness while inspiring others.
Industry listing Gallery/Exhibitions
Number of Employees 1–5
Year Founded 2008
Type of Artists I want to connect with Fine Art/Fine Craft


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