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    Abstract Refuse Artist

    I would like to thank all of you for giving me the inspiration to move forward in my art career. I have put it off for years but seeing the vibrant and beautiful art of such creative people,along with the stories of achievement , and the willingness of others to assist with an abundance of great information has definitely motivated me. May this year be a year of Creative Prosperity and Innovation for us all.

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    The official Embrace Creatives account! Connect with us to learn how to use EC and hear about new benefits!

    This is a pretty basic but important list.

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    Lacy Draper (EC Ambassador)
    Abstract Artist

    Thoughts on Banksy's prank? I personally thought it was amazing.

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    Fine artist

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    Multidisciplinary Artist

    Very excited to start the year with one of my pieces included in this show.

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    Insurance agent and small business coach

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    Sales and Marketing Coordinator

    Okay @dionetripp - I am looking back through the newsfeed and see that you have set some wonderful goals for 2019...."2019 goals to gain on- inspiration, sales marketing and Networking. This is my online portfolio. I look forward to being part of this group!" You have come to the right place!

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    Art studio/ gallery owner

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    Thomas Grubba (EC Ambassador)
    Owner, Thomas Grubba Photography

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    Creative Business Advisor, Connector and Artist Advocate

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    I just posted a video of some new work in process in my Fall portfolio.

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    Art of Relationships

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    Image Works (EC Ambassador)
    Fine Art Printing & Artwork Reproduction

    Image Works Founder Chris Bennett will be teaching a digital printing workshop this Saturday at True North Camera Arts. It's not too late to sign up if you have felt stuck, eager to learn more about printing or thinking of purchasing your own printer! This 2-hour class will cover the basics of printing on Epson & Canon printers. You will learn about color space, how to calibrate your system, paper and printer choices and a proper file prep workflow to produce satisfying digital prints in color and black and white. Whether you are looking to buy a new printer or wanting to become more comfortable with the printer you already have, this class will help offer a solid foundation in how to make a great fine art digital print. All levels welcome! You can sign up here:

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    Artist I’m excited about my upcoming exhibition with photographer Jack P Johnson!

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    Abstract and contextual paintings

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