• Andrea Bogart posted an update 1 week, 1 day ago

    This coronavirus pandemic is affecting our global, EC community so I’d like to hear what healthy steps you’re taking to reduce any anxiety you may be feeling.

    • Mint Artists Guild is holding weekly Creative CheckIns via Zoom for our young artists to share, vent, encourage each other. And I’m encouraging everyone to take a walk – twice a day – and either be silent or come up with a positive song or mantra for the time outdoors. That is helping me personally.

      • This is wonderful Mint Artist Guild – keeping connected and supported. We will be asking for EC Members who are taking steps to help others to share what they are doing. Watch for the newsletter soon. 🙂

    • Hi Andrea and the EC Community! We are taking walks each day; sometimes twice a day. Hope everyone is staying safe!!!

    • Daily bike rides! Weather has been great for it!