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    So! Who is having a challenge they need support with? Share below. *plus, enjoy this Zen Moment… 😁 AB5B16DE-FF29-419C-9643-987F6A1748B0

    So! Who is having a challenge they need support with? Share below. *plus, enjoy this Zen Moment&#823
    • My biggest challenge right now is marketing. Our instagram page feels dead right now simply because I don’t know what to say in posts or really what to post. https://instagram.com/studiomelange_inc?igshid=tca7xbinprji

      • I agree. It can be difficult figuring out what to say/share. I teach marketing to artists and what I tell them is to talk. You know, pretend there’s someone in front of you who’s interested in you and your work. What would you talk about? What would you share with them? The most important thing is to know what moves your audience – what would excite and engage them? Reviewing past posts to see who’s commented is important (real comments, not just “cool” or “nice”) – that way you can post similar topics.

      • I deleted social media all together. It made me feel cheap and like I was not really sharing my passion at all. I want to be engaged in conversation with people. I want folks in my space and in person.

        It’s been an interesting ride without it to say the least! The good out weighs the bad for me! I spend my time writing my blog, sending emails, and updating my website instead. I feel way more focused.

        • Instead of writing my story for or through a platform, I’m writing it for me and my content is getting stronger. It feels like we have to generate content all the time for ‘social media’ but I’d argue it’s hurting a lot of us more than helping.

        • I envy you, Megan – I cannot WAIT to delete my accounts but for now, I need them to promote EC… And I like your comment about “folks in my space and in person” – I agree wholeheartedly, which is why I’m building EC to be community-based. We NEED in-person connections. 🙂 The space I dislike most is Instagram. If feels forced and gross. I want communication and connections. I’m glad you’re writing for you.. that’s the best way to engage and it “feels” more genuine. 🙂 I appreciate you taking the time to come back to EC to share yourself with us.

          • The only reason I’d get back on instagram is to connect with younger people because it’s part of their shopping experience. I can see a new account in the near future but it will be directing traffic directly onto my website. It would be fabulous to get an intern to do this task though! I’ve got all the content ready since I’ve gained all this free time to create clear concise content!