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    Insurance agent and small business coach

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    Fine Art Photographer

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    Hello all! As part of a new exhibit, my painting “Still Life with St. Jerome” will be one of several still life paintings on display at Cork Wine Pub, 23810 Woodward Ave., Pleasant Ridge, MI. My work, along with others by fellow artists from the Atelier Art Studio of Royal Oak will be on display until November 8. Reception is Wednesday, Sept 11, starting at 6:30pm. Please stop by and have a look (and maybe a glass of wine too).

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    Illustrator, Print Production, Creative Director

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    Textile/Surface Designer

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    Artist (Photographer)

    “Sight/Sound: 10 haiku by Bill Harris after Carla Anderson photographs” will be published in mid December. The pre publication offer will end November 30. To take advantage of the pre publication offer send your name and email address to

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    Turning Junk Into Punk Since 1985!

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    Fine artist

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    Force of Nature Click the link to see my latest video! It's an introduction to my partner Craig and I's new business! Still not released entirely to the public but sharing with you!

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    Current Architecture Student and Amateur Photoshop Artist

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    Welcome to newest member Rosa Anna Argento - Please add @rosaannaargento to your network. Rosa Anna, How did you find Embrace Creatives? Please tell us about you and your work.

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    Fine Artist/Art Instruction/Graphic Design

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    Fine Artist working in a multitude of mediums

    The responsibilities and commitment to my EC community never stops. On my and @davidbogart’s first wedding anniversary weekend, WHAT plans did we have? Only one: visit the Phoenix to see the opening exhibit curated by EC Ambassador, @steveczapiewski. @patriciadomanski and her husband, Peter was there as well (nice treat). Then Sunday I spent 4 hours in a productive and introspective development meeting with @kirubasekaransekaran and a tech business consultant before coming home to finish celebrating with David. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

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    Detroit's Design + Technology Center

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    Art & Design

    Wanted to share with ECers this front page article just published in the Royal Oak Review about my painting in the MFAC at the BBAC. Humbled and very grateful about it. Here's the link to the digital version.

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