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    The official Embrace Creatives account! Connect with us to learn how to use EC and hear about new benefits!

    If you’re here and the site looks and is responding “wonky”, we know and have alerted Techtown. 🤪

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    Hello and Welcome new members Doug Cannell @dougcannell - Begin to network using EC: Fill out your Profile, connect with Members, join Groups, post in the Newsfeed and build your Gallery. Learn how to use EC: https://embracecreatives.com/members/teamec/gallery/projects/. You’ll find infographics and videos that walk you through the process. If you have questions or issues, please use the EMAIL icon to the right. ~Karen Zuk – EC Ambassador.

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    Insurance agent and small business coach

    I once new a creative business owner who went naked for years - should you do the same? It is risky!! I'm talking about insurance here, that's my business! Going naked means dropping your insurance coverage. He did it because the premiums for liability insurance were getting way too high. Is your business growing? Do you have more assets to protect? Does your homeowner's insurance cover some aspects of your business, but maybe not everything? What about your vehicle - is it in the business' name or your name? How should you insure it? Are your current rates too high? Let's talk! I can help you make the best decisions to protect you and your business. Call my cell - 810-656-1353

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    Is there a way to post a comment on an individual artwork, or can we only make comments on a whole portfolio?

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    Hi everyone! Detroit Metro artists, I need your framing resources. I have a large drawing that I need to frame for an upcoming exhibition. The drawing is 30"x44" I have frame moldings that I am going to assemble and want to float mount the drawing in the frame which will measure 34"x48" (so standard mat board you can get at Blick or Hobby Lobby is too small). Does anyone have any recommendations on a local place that is a good resource for mat board, backing board and plexiglass so I can finish it off? Trying to do DIY this on a shoestring budget but want it to look fantastic and professional.

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    Lauren Brumbach (EC Ambassador)

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    Art of Relationships

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    Nonprofit Arts & Culture Organization

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    Fourth Dimension Acrylics

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    Abstract Artist

    I missed the simulcast of Approaching Opportunities, will it be available to watch on line at any time soon?

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