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    The official Embrace Creatives account! Connect with us to learn how to use EC and hear about new benefits!

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    Art With Oil

    Hey there EC's, entries due very soon !!!

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    Creative Business Advisor, Connector and Artist Advocate

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    Insurance agent and small business coach

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    Fine artist

    Had a great time talking with Andrea and want to schedule another with her. It was very informative and it was something I needed greatly. Can't wait to have another chat with her.

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    Embrace Creatives Member Experience Assistant

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    Mixed Media Artist

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    Detroit's Design + Technology Center

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    Hi all! Happy Sunday - I have been working my creative tail off - Hope the rest of you have had a great weekend too. Hi to new members @jennwebb, @nataliewarner, and @mariangeorge. So great to have you join our network of awesomeness. One thing I do when I see new people is I go to their profile and read their profile and look to see if they have posted any pictures of their work. I love when I get to see peoples stuff right away. Today I went to request @jennwebb as a connection and she had already asked to connect with me. That makes me so happy!!! (I have said happy 3 times in this post). Thank you all for joining us and for posting your profiles/pictures - I hope you will tell us more about you and the types of interactions you are looking for...................have a great evening. Oh yeah...please look around and check out art calls, the user manual, the A list and everything else EC has to offer. YAY US!

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    Fine Artist working in a multitude of mediums

    I'm developing an important event for our local arts industry this October and I'm SOOOPER PSYCHED at the caliber of artists willing to be involved to support their peers. (Everyone I've asked has said, "yes!") @thomasgrubba is the event organizer and he and I will begin promotions next month but I just needed to tease you a bit. 😉

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    Photographer, Fine Art Printer

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    Hi everyone! I am looking for a good logo designer to... well... design me a logo! Anyone out there want to take on the challenge of designing up a logo for my business? Please send a private message to see how we can work together!

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    Abstract Artist

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    Art & Design

    Wanted to share with ECers this front page article just published in the Royal Oak Review about my painting in the MFAC at the BBAC. Humbled and very grateful about it. Here's the link to the digital version.

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