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    Here are some great art channels to follow on Youtube. Do you have an art channel you enjoy or do you have your own channel that you want to share? https://www.creativebloq.com/features/the-10-best-youtube-art-channels

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    Setting up at flea market tomorrow at Greenmead Historical Park in Livonia. 8 Mile and Halsted/Newburgh. Will be selling some art accumulated over the years, plus assorted other stuff. Come on by! Starts at 10:00 http://www.ci.livonia.mi.us/Departments/CommunityResources/GreenmeadHistoricalPark.aspx

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    Feel free to like my new FB-Page: https://www.facebook.com/search/pages/?q=Jana%20Dietsch%20Wingels%20-%20ART

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    Hi All, Thought I would give a few thoughts on my goals and struggles as an artist. 1.) Finding time - I work fulltime as a Sales/Marketing Assistant in Dearborn and while I love my job, I wish painting could be my fulltime work. I have thought about pulling the trigger and becoming a FT artist, but that is a scary thing. What would I do with my time besides paint? Learn (take classe) and manage my social media/website. Right now I need to update my website, but it always seems to get put the the wayside. 2.) Get representation by a gallery. 3.) Continue to paint paint paint and learn new mediums. Oil for one. I have always painted in acrylic, but I love the way Oil looks. 4.) Face my artistic/creative fears and let them go.

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    Hi @anthonyascott - Thank you for your request to join my Mind Your Art Business Growth Course group but it’s a private group for my course students and graduates. Anyone who’s currently enrolled or has taken my course is able to enter where we’ll discuss the course topics and get questions answered. 🙂 To review my online course and my single workshops, you can look here: https://thedabi.thinkific.com/

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    Hello Artists! Interested in figure drawing? Dan Keller, art instructor from WSU, CCS, and BBAC will be starting at Articipate this Tuesday, 6/26/18. The class will be 6 weeks long (skipping 2 Tuesdays-see details) 3 hours long, four sessions with a live model included in the price. $169. Check it out: https://api.time.ly/events/11597487/checkout

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