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    Turning Junk Into Punk Since 1985!

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    Illustration and graphic design studio

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    Illustrator, Print Production, Creative Director

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    Hello all! As part of a new exhibit, my painting “Still Life with St. Jerome” will be one of several still life paintings on display at Cork Wine Pub, 23810 Woodward Ave., Pleasant Ridge, MI. My work, along with others by fellow artists from the Atelier Art Studio of Royal Oak will be on display until November 8. Reception is Wednesday, Sept 11, starting at 6:30pm. Please stop by and have a look (and maybe a glass of wine too).

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    Multidisciplinary Artist

    My partner and I at Maniaci Marketing are looking for a new accountant who is well-versed in the particular needs of freelancing and self-employment and who can also offer best practice advice. Recommendations will be welcome and appreciated. Thanks!

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    Insurance agent and small business coach

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    Fine artist

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  • Profile picture of Andrea Bogart
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    Fine Artist working in a multitude of mediums

    I am OVERWHELMED with joy at the absolutely exquisite portfolios you all have been adding lately! We'll have amazing teasers to send to our commercial buyers in the next EC newsletter! If you'd like to stand out, review our "Find New Clients" section. It's only $35 to get in front of our commercial buyer list.

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    Contemporary Acrylic Fine Artist

    Calling all Detroit artists! Have you ever wanted to paint realistic chrome? Understand how to paint reflective surfaces? I’m real excited to announce that Atelier Art Studio where I teach acrylic painting, is hosting a 3-day workshop on Painting Chrome with Acrylic Paints by yours truly…me! I love painting chrome and have been having fun doing so in my award-winning I DO Know Jack! series. I will be teaching the methods I use to attain realistic chrome. If interested, please call 248-951-4400 to sign up and/or ask questions. Also, feel free to respond here with questions.

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    Art With Oil

    Hey there EC's, entries due very soon !!!

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    Welcome new member #576 Mike Nobody. Please add Mike @mikenobody as a connection. I recommend checking out Mikes projects and what a diverse creative individual. If you have any questions please be sure to ask in the News Feed, and please be sure to check out every corner of Embrace Creatives - there's something for everyone.

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    Clay Figurative Sculptor

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    The official Embrace Creatives account! Connect with us to learn how to use EC and hear about new benefits!

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    Currently "painting" with glass

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    Fine Art Oil Painter (speciaizing in companion animals in unique settings)

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    Emerging Contemporary Artist

    I'm a self-taught, emerging Mixed Media artist....born in Europe, made in NY. Happy to have achieved some of my goals, including having my art Leased-for-feature in Film & TV, as well as installations around the city of Atlanta. Looking forward to networking here....learning more about my craft everyday! 🙂

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    Abstract Artist

    Just wanted to pop in and say hello. Trying to stay connected until I can transition from being a full-time GM IT gal to a full-time artist-babe. 😉 Adding some new work to my portfolio. Please check it out.

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