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Learn How To Expertly Hang Unframed Artwork

March 02, 2021

Don’t let the fear of unframed pieces keep you from buying art!

Although Embrace Creatives is supportive of local frame shops, we know that framing artwork may not be not suitable for every purchase. Example: fiber, works on paper, and photography don’t always need a frame. If you’ve ever wondered about alternatives to framed art, we’ve got the guide for you.

Hanging unframed art isn’t as mysterious as you think and the display options are varied, so read on to learn innovative ideas for displaying unframed artwork in your home or office. You’ll discover options like magnets, simple clips, and grips!

Oh, and I’ve added a few unframed, original pieces of art from our EC Gallery for inspiration!

Wire with metal clips

Apartment Therapy - Expertly Hang Unframed Artwork 1

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Sleek and easy to set up, wire with metal clips stretched across a space allows you to easily display more than one work of art. Since the clips slide across go ahead and adjust the artwork’s position whenever you’d like a new “look”. Use two clips per piece. One clip in the center may tip the artwork to the right or left. Try Ikea’s wire system. Be careful not to use this method with paper artwork as the clips may puncture or mark the paper.

Burtonjudson-1004X1024 - Expertly Hang Unframed Artwork 2


40″H X 40″W X 0.25″D
Cotton fabric, batting and thread

Magnetic “frame”

Screen Shot 2021-02-20 At 6.16.22 Pm - Expertly Hang Unframed Artwork 3

This easy to DIY frame option does not add marks to the artwork which is a plus. You can purchase any type of wood. Softwood like Pine, Cedar, Spruce, Fir or hardwood; oak, maple, cherry, mahogany, and walnut. Stain, paint and/or varnish if you’d like. For step-by-step instructions, click here.

Stand-Tall-Copy - Expertly Hang Unframed Artwork 4

Stand Tall

25″H × 16″W
An original digital print, collage and acrylic paint

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Paper Grip

Apartment Therapy(1) - Expertly Hang Unframed Artwork 5

(Image credit: Hang it Up Systems )

This option works well with paper and unstretched canvas. Easily slide paper of all types and sizes into the rail which will securely hold it. Install using the company’s mounting clips and the rail snaps on top. You don’t see any fasteners, just a piece of rail and the artwork below. Purchase the Paper Grip.

Collage Paper Artwork Modern For Contemporary Spaces

Big Love Crumbs

40″H X 40″W X 1.5″D
Archival pigment prints collaged onto watercolor paper

Collage Paper Artwork Modern For Contemporary Spaces

Untitled (Saudade)

32″H X 24″W X 0.25″D
Oil on unprimed canvas & unstretched

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Display using magnets

Apartment Therapy(2) - Expertly Hang Unframed Artwork 6
Disk Standoffs To Display Artwork

(Image credit: CCP Displays )

Magnet sandwich:

In this first example, a D61AD-P adhesive backed magnet is adhered to an ordinary, painted drywall interior wall. Use four magnets, one for each corner of the photograph.

Now set the photo on top of the magnets, and then add D61 disc magnets on top of the photo. The attraction of the magnet sandwiches the photo in place, providing a great hold. These magnets are perfect for photographs or paper artwork. They may not work with matted artwork.


Disc with standoffs:

I LOVE these standoffs. They offer a very contemporary look.

The same D61AD-P adhesive backed magnets are adhered to the wall. To provide a standoff effect, a taller magnet is stuck to the first. Used a 1/4″ tall D44 magnet. Then, the photograph or paper art is placed on top of the D44 magnet. You may sandwich the artwork with acrylic sheets.

Now set the photo on top of the magnets, and then add D61 disc magnets on top of the photo. The attraction of the magnet sandwiches the photo in place, providing a great hold.

For magnet display how-to’s, click here. To purchase acrylic standoff kits, click here.

Copper Gold 2 - Expertly Hang Unframed Artwork 7

Copper Gold 2

28″H X 20″W X 0.25″D
Woven papers w/ acrylic paints and inks

Blooms - Expertly Hang Unframed Artwork 8

Blooms in the Round No. 1 EC

22″H X 22″W X 0.25″D
Handcut collage from hand dyed + printed papers.

Into-The-White-Silence-2022-1-Scaled - Expertly Hang Unframed Artwork 9

Into the White Silence

14″H X 11″W X 0.25″D
Spray paint, acrylic and mixed materials on acid-free paper.