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Jeff Horton imagines steel beams as works of art

May 08, 2024

Embrace Creatives is delighted to shine a spotlight on the captivating world of Arkansas-based artist and architect, Jeff Horton. You can find a collection of his works in his online Embrace Creatives gallery.

Horton’s creations transcend traditional boundaries, blending the world of structure and buildings with art to redefine the possibilities of space. Lines frequently define Horton’s creations, reflecting the influence of architecture on his work. His method includes suspending layers and lines using oil paint in a wax medium, resulting in a unique fusion of flexibility and transparency. The inclusion of paint drips, oil sticks, sewn canvas, and cold wax medium is spontaneous, encouraging the structures in his paintings to take on a more abstract form and special perspectives.

Jeff Horton And Andrea Bogart

That’s Andrea and Jeff finding a moment to pose for a photo near his artworks during the fun opening reception of Mojo Dojo Casa House on February, 9th, 2024.

Jeff came in all the way from Arkansas to attend!

Bridging Across Jeff Horton Painting

Horton has been featured in Studio Visit Magazine and has exhibited his work in various galleries, such as Boswell Mourot Fine Art in Little Rock, Arkansas; Michael Warren Contemporary in Denver, Colorado; Irving Arts Center in Irving, Texas; The Kinney Venice Beach in Venice, California.

Bridging Across, 48″H × 38″W, oil, cold wax medium, photo collage and pencil on canvas.

Arkansas Museum Of Fine Arts

The inspiration for Unstable came from a construction image of the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts.

Unstable Painting By Jeff Horton

40″H × 30″W
Oil paint, cold wax medium, oil sticks on stretched canvas.


Train Bridge In Red By Jeff Horton

Train Bridge in Red, 31.5″H × 25.75″W, oil and wax medium on canvas, framed

His action-packed canvases have been purchased for corporate settings such as the Arkansas Heart Hospital Encore Medical Center, Citizens Bank Headquarters, and the Southwest Power Pool Corporate Headquarters, all located in Arkansas.

For more information on Jeff’s paintings or to discuss a custom project, contact Embrace Creatives founder, Andrea Bogart:

Inconstant Architectural Painting By Jeff Horton

18″ x 18″
Oil, multi media on raw canvas.
$1050 (framed)


Condensing Architectural Painting By Jeff Horton

18″ x 18″
Oil, multi media on raw canvas. 
$1050 (framed)


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