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Thank you for allowing me to present Embrace Creatives! Using my extensive national network and over thirty years of fine art and design experience, you and your team can count on me to be your trusted art partner.

To more easily review the innovative art and expert advising services I offer, I’ve made your pitch deck available using the button to the left. You may share this document with whomever you like.

To receive FIRST LOOKS, save art for future projects, and gain exclusive access to in-person EC events and exhibitions, create a Collector account.

Need to see art in person? Schedule an appointment with me at my new Embrace Creatives art gallery in metro Detroit! Launching in July, 2023.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you on your exciting projects!

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Andrea Bogart
Founder I Lead Art Advisor
O: 248-702-4902
C: 248-496-1801

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