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Oversized abstract artworks available.



Give added value to your clients by offering high quality artwork crafted by vetted artists, most of them local. Our professional presentations give you everything you need to WOW your clients.


We are mindfully crafting a one-stop-shop for interiors; wall art, furniture, photography, sculpture, fiber, and more. Lighting, flooring, home goods, and wallpaper are coming. Oh, and custom projects, like installations, murals, and mobiles are our specialty!


As your designer agent, we manage your project sourcing, transactions, shipping, and installations – reducing your workload, giving you more breathing room and design time.

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Launched in 2021, Embrace Creatives is an online marketplace and full service art advisory firm giving interior designers and architects access to the country’s finest quality, art and design products. Use our growing showroom to easily source creative options by location, size, materials, and price – or hire Founder, Andrea Bogart to find artwork for you!

With a diverse collection of handmade and limited edition works, EC showcases thousands of exceptional pieces by vetted and reliable artists from across America. Andrea Bogart is building an inspiring place, expanding mindfully with a wide range of products handcrafted by established and emerging Creatives who are passionate about their craft.

What makes Embrace Creatives different? Andrea is on a mission to become your go-to when sourcing art and design for interiors. Let her carefully match your and your clients with high quality art and design products, saving you time and de-stressing the art sourcing process. And as a thoughtful, women-run business she puts relationships first – cultivating transparency and offering a true commitment to her clients’ satisfaction. 

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Our experts seamlessly match original artwork to your design visions.

Your project success is our goal and we want to save you time and your clients’ money. Our EC Showroom offers a growing list of diverse products for your residential and commercial projects. 

We excel at large-scale and large volume projects!

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