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How to Protect Your Art Investment After Installation

July 20, 2023

You’ve sweated over your new artwork, invested a pretty penny and now it’s installed safely – or is it?

Just because your 48 x 60 inch painting is hanging securely on your wall does not mean that it will stay safe and undamaged. Most people think that touching or bumping into art, or excess dust or grease stains are the only way that an artwork can lose its luster. That’s not actually true. Yes, handling artwork and cooking near your investment is a no-no but there are many other ways that wall, floor, and ceiling art can be harmed.

As an art advisor it’s my job to source, deliver, and install artwork for my residential and commercial clients but my customer service doesn’t stop there. It’s important that I educate my buyers on how to take care of all of the art that I sell them, whether it’s a painting or textiles, sculpture or paper art.

And because I’m an expert with over 30 years experience, I was asked by to provide them with artwork protection expertise.

I’ll be talking more about this subject in my blog, but here is their article to get a jump start.

Learn the art of collecting.

TIP: For the most part, maintaining artwork is not necessary. You do not need to dust your paintings. If you frame photography or paper artwork, dust the frame with a clean rag or duster. For fiber artwork, ask your art advisor or the artist, themselves how to care for their work. All Embrace Creatives artists will send care instructions if necessary so your purchase will last generations.

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