How to find artwork and artists on Embrace Creatives

There are quite a few ways to find art & design and connect with artists;

  • Visit our Art Gallery
    • Our rotating gallery is at the top of the page
    • A chronological gallery is underneath
    • You can search by Medium/Industry
  • Scroll down the Newsfeed to find micro galleries with both Portfolios and Projects. Click on those that interest you.
  • Portfolios are uploaded to the newsfeed, as well.
  • In our Members section you will see the # of Portfolios each artist has uploaded and can click on their profile to view their Gallery.

Our upgraded website will offer a SHOP section with upgraded filter and search features. We will also launch THE A LIST, a curated talent directory that rates artists by their professionalism.

If you are a Buyer/Trade and would like one-on-one, concierge service while searching for work for a client or project, contact our EC Ambassador, Dave Bogart.