How To Edit Your Image Size for Embrace Creatives’ Uploads

Images that are too large slow down a website and are easier to steal.

Let’s say your image is 3500 x 4287 pixels and 7.05MB in size. Someone can use that image size to create prints or stationary to sell.

It’s just too big!

You need to reduce your image and file size so your artwork stays easy to “read” but not so large that it can be stolen and used.

Embrace Creatives accepts file sizes up to 12MB however, we automatically reduce the pixel size of all uploaded images to approximately 1250 on one side and we reduce the file sizes to no larger than 2MB. That helps us save $$$, frees up server space and protects your images.

But just because we reduce your files, we’d like to share how to get your large images down to a reasonable upload requirement. You can use this here on Embrace Creatives in your Portfolios, Projects and where ever else you upload images on our website.

You can also use this information for your own website.

How to reduce your images;

Before you start modifying your images, make sure you’ve chosen the best file type. There are several types of files you can use:

  • PNG – Produces higher quality images, but also has a larger file size.
  • JPEG – You can adjust the quality level for a good balance of quality and file size.

When choosing your compression rate between High, Medium and Low, The best compression rate is Medium. The quality of an 2MB image that has been reduced to a medium size stays “easy to read” and the file size is 151 KB, which is acceptable for a high-resolution photo without worrying about it being stolen for reproduction.

The image below is a reasonable pixel and file size for digital viewing: It’s clear and easy to read.

File type: image/png
File size: 139 KB
Dimensions: 800 by 350 pixels

The image below is a reasonable file size but the pixel size is too large for digital use. We recommend no more than 1250 on one side for digital use.

File type: image/jpeg
File size: 285 KB
Dimensions: 2560 by 2560 pixels

The image below is way too small both in terms of file size (8kb) and pixels (width and height). The image and font is grainy.

8 KB
537 by 109 pixels

Applications you can use to reduce your image size.

Reducing the image size also reduces the file size but it’s important to know your file size as well as the pixels. Let’s say the raw image that you took with your phone is 3500 x 4287 pixels and 7.05MB file size. You may reduce the pixels to 1000 wide which will fit better on a monitor but the file size only drops to 3.5MB. That 3.5MB still too large of a file.

  • Canvathe free version does not allow you to view the file size, only the width and height (pixels) but after you save you can view the file size in your drive.
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements – much less expensive than Photoshop and allows you to set the file size as well as the pixels
  • Microsoft Paint – resize width and height then, like Canva, see the file size when you save to your local drive
  • Preview (MAC) – adjust both the pixels and the file size at the same time.

Always save your raw (original) image and SAVE AS a new image after you’ve made the modifications. We suggest labeling your new files so you can easily see that they are the lower compression. Add “lo-res” to your file name.