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How to begin your corporate art collection: it’s easier than you think

April 13, 2021

Step-by-step guidance for any size corporate art collection

S tarting an art collection for your business doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. It’s truly much easier than you think and you don’t have to be an ACTUAL corporation with millions in the bank to start yours, today.

A good way to begin a corporate art collection is by reviewing your brand identity and corporate culture; and deciding where the art will be placed. Those two things alone will give you a good start to your art collection journey. For a more detailed guide, I put together this step-by-step article for any size corporate art collection.

Budget doesn’t matter much.

What’s your starting budget. $1500? $5000? $50,000? There’s more than enough original art from local artists to suit every sized financial investment. However, you’ll have more QUALITY original art at your disposal when you commit to investing in your art collection instead of playing it safe, financially. 

That being said, there are plenty of micro businesses that invest in affordable, local artwork and the art they bring in does a great job matching their brand identity, exciting their clients and uplifting employees which increases productivity.

Time your purchases. If your goal is to bring in five, original works of art, sit with your financial plan and map out when you can afford to make each purchase. And don’t rush.  When you’re doing the research yourself, sourcing takes the most time especially when you want quality artwork from local artists.

Match your brand identity.

A financial planner won’t want to bring in artwork that conveys politically or sexually charged themes. A sports company will want to promote athleticism, good health and camaraderie throughout their office space. The corporate artwork they invest in will be in synch with the company image and emotions they exude.

Dust off your mission statement and core company characteristics then jot down how the artwork should reflect and enhance your corporate culture, effectively. Will you choose florals, and botanicals for earthy, eco-friendly themes?  What about modern work from emerging artists?  Or if you’re a global company, purchasing art from around the world will help to express that your company reaches far and wide.

A cohesive brand that extends from your online presence to your office will build trust, increasing your client base, which will ultimately generate additional revenue

Artwork In A Corporate Setting - Corporate Art Collection 1

Measure twice, install once.

Determine where you want to place artwork and measure the spaces.  Maybe you’ll want a large welcoming, texture-filled fiber wall art in your lobby, a series of less distracting paper pieces in a conference room then an oversized, confidence-conveying, luxurious glass sculpture on the floor of your office.

Whatever and wherever, you must measure – twice.  It takes months to search for and find the right art for your corporate art collection and when you DO find the best artwork, you have to manage the project with the artist(s), request and secure the sample (if available), then schedule a safe and timely delivery and installation. How horrible would it be if you did ALL of that work only to find that the piece you purchased doesn’t fit?

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Let your employees weigh in.

Remember that you’re investing in artwork for your workspace, not your home. Every piece you bring into your corporate art collection will ultimately be seen by your staff so why not empower them by allowing them to be part of the process?  You’re the ultimate decision maker, but give them a voice. Maybe an anonymous art poll?

It’s important to note that placing art in the office is not just about “adding color” to the conference room, lobby or hallways: it can actually improve productivity and employee engagement.

In fact, a survey by the Business Committee for the Arts and the International Association of Professional Art Advisors found that 94% believed art enhanced the work environment and 64% saw increased creativity and productivity.

Artwork has the ability to not only transform a workspace in a positive way but also the people who work there.

Andrea Bogart, Founder and Lead Art Advisor, Embrace Creatives

Enjoy the investment, then begin again.

Beginning your corporate art collection should be mindful and contemplated, filled with research and is, ultimately a lot of work so when you finally install the first few pieces, sit back and enjoy them. Get feedback from your employees and best customers. Everything they tell you (good and bad) should support future purchases especially as you’re affecting them emotionally with each piece of art you add to your corporate art collection.

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