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  • Andrea Bogart posted an update in the group Group logo of Embrace MentorsEmbrace Mentors 1 week, 2 days ago

    Hi EC Mentors! I need assistance. I had a business meeting today and I realized that I am a “look away”. What I mean is when someone speaks to me I look directly at them and I concentrate but when it’s my turn to talk, my eyes dart away from them probably because I’m gathering my thoughts but I think that I could be more effective as a speaker…[Read more]

  • Does anyone sell in art fairs, and/or festivals? If so what is your experience and the process? Which are the best ones in Michigan?

  • Hi everyone! This may be a strange question, but have any of you been in a situation where a business relationship that you speak to doesn’t ask you questions or allow you to speak about your OWN business? (I find that it’s difficult to grow a business relationship when it’s not a back-n-forth.) Anyone have thoughts?

    • There’s no business, if there’s no communication. I would say, don’t put your energy into a hollow effort. I’ve been hyped up about businesses showing interest, and I’ve done my part initiating the start only to find myself the turner of the wheel. It’s exhausting.
      Leave it, where it is and move on to the next one.

      • Thank you Errick… I agree. And it’s sad to me when potential collaborators are “me”, “me” rather than “us”, “us”. I still think it’s important “give” but also honor yourself. It’s a balancing act. 🙃

  • Victoria Hannah posted an update in the group Group logo of Embrace MentorsEmbrace Mentors 5 months ago

    Oooh Hello Everyone, I love all these comments and I was so interested to read what everyone has said about FB advertising. I have just done another small campaign for the second time and have really not been impressed at all. Suffice to say I will dispense with it and try and find another way to promote my work. I am glad I found your site…[Read more]

    • Hello Victoria – SO happy to have you aboard! We wish you lived her too but it’s exciting for us to have you and your talent all the way from Sydney, Australia! [Let us know when you come to visit and we’ll all meet up.]

  • Sad to say, but I’m going to miss this. 🙁 I am picking up an artist friend of mine who is flying to DTW from Florida. I’m driving him down to the opening of his show at the Marathon Performing Arts Center in Findlay, Ohio. He is an accomplished and truly amazing realist artist. If I was a betting man I’d pick him to win ArtPrize this year for…[Read more]

    • Oh, sounds like fun! Hey, this the gentleman/Artist you were speaking of when I last saw you! What amazing work… *Connect with Adrienne here on EC and ask her if you can access the videos after the fact. She’s “Get Amped” in our Member section.

  • Hi all! VERY excited to be a part of this informative TeleSummit! My interview is this coming Monday, 7/9 but sign up to hear all of the guest experts. http://bit.ly/ar-thriving-artist (Adrienne Lloren, an EC Biz member is the host!) TTA-Promo-Andrea-Rosenfeld-1200×630

    Hi all! VERY excited to be a part of this informative TeleSummit! My interview is this coming Monday
  • Sarah Moss posted an update in the group Group logo of Embrace MentorsEmbrace Mentors 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hi everyone!

    I was hoping to get some insight regarding social media marketing/management.

    I create graphics for and help run the Facebook page for my work. I am currently also trying to put together a proposal on how to improve our marketing and increase customer engagement, sales, and reviews with the help of Facebook.

    I have been doing a lot…[Read more]

    • @julietibus? Is this something you can advise on?

    • To be honest most Facebook pages have been suffering from this same issue. People are leaving Facebook or limiting their time on that platform. So if you are looking to sell more products try utilizing LinkedIn or Instagram. On LinkedIn, some good articles/white papers go a long way. I worked at an association where I handled all the promotional…[Read more]

      • I was kind of worried that maybe Facebook wasn’t the ideal choice anymore, especially with the new algorithm changes. I know selling products isn’t the only goal, but I do believe it is the ultimate one. Can I ask how recently it was you worked at this association? Would you personally consider it a better investment to increase better visibility…[Read more]

        • I left the association about almost 2 years ago, but my job after that also dealt with vendors providing products for the team I was on to review. I think that email and google adwords are always a good option because the people who will most likely use what your company sells will be searching for those items specifically. Most companies that are…[Read more]

    • I have been managing my own social media with an emphasis on Facebook. Unfortunately, I have not been able to identify whether all of my work has ever paid off. I have not done much the past two months but over the course of the past 4 years I did quite a bit of posting. I also spent some money on Boosting a number of posts. To be honest, I have…[Read more]

      • Same here – typically I post and “crickets”… Plus, I’m having a REALLY hard time now that we know Facebook has been under-handed and unethical with our data. I don’t want to give them a dime for advertising but don’t know how to build EC without them and Instagram. I’m wondering if a successful digital ad campaign can be accomplished…[Read more]

    • Thank you for your insights everyone! Unfortunately, it seems in light of recent events with Facebook and a lot of my findings from extensive research, the conclusion appears to be that it may not be the best platform for our business to invest all our time and energy into. Or at the very least, it shouldn’t be the only platform. I’ve looked up…[Read more]

      • It’s always best to be personable as a brand, especially online. Through your research have you found an alternative (if FB isn’t a good platform)? Just curious…

        • Hi Andrea – so sorry for my late reply to this! Absolutely agree though, personality and humor and humanness is key to connecting with people. I’m starting to learn though that not every brand has the same type of humor and personality. It’s also finding that balance between personal while still professional, which is one of the biggest challenges…[Read more]

          • Growing EC, I’m striking a balance as well and finding my brand voice. EC is me so it should “sound” like me, which I think it does. (I don’t want that to change as it grows and communication moves into other’s hands) Have you seen Penzy’s on FB? My G-d, they combine volatile political issues with their spices and it works for them. It’s the…[Read more]

            • Definitely understandable – one of the things I read while doing my research is how a brand’s ( or company’s) social media presence should have a consistent ‘voice’ regardless of who’s managing the platforms. Which makes total sense. Regarding Penzey’s – do you mean Penzey’s Spices? I haven’t, but I’m going to look into them now! I really…[Read more]

            • Oh, absolutely consistent “voice” and imagery too. First thing I did with EC was to create a basic style guide with hex colors and fonts. Yeah, Penzey’s Spice. Kinda shocked me at first but they wrap their political jargon back into their sales post pretty creatively. I teach artists that to build a solid business you MUST know your client well…[Read more]

    • I saw this conversation yesterday for a first time and I like very much how it goes. Thank you for useful tips and infos.
      I gave up from Facebook as well. But I will continue on the topic of how to increase engagement on Facebook, and if you find it appropriate for your target audience, go ahead because it works. I will share an advice from…[Read more]

      • I will try to translate one of his posts, so that you may have better idea of what I am trying to say:

        Interesting that on the Balkan Music scene suddenly the so-called “Reggaeton” beat, which is usually in Hispanic culture and music.
        Who doesn’t know what this is all about, open any song connected to Jala Brat, Buba Koreli, Rasta (some popular…[Read more]