Fresh Art That’s a Celebration of Spring

March 02, 2021

Embrace Creatives has gathered bunches of bright artwork bursting to bring Spring into your home.

Here at the Embrace Creatives, metro Detroit headquarters, we’re gearing up for Spring!  This year the spring equinox comes to us on Saturday, March 20 as the astronomical first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

Why do we feel so happy when Spring arrives? Well, our senses are dramatically affected by the awakening of spring and our brains naturally produce more dopamine during this time of year – the hormone triggered by new experiences. Experiences like the warmth of the sun, new bright, outdoor colors and the sound of birds all give us a dopamine hit, making us more susceptible to love and good feelings, and increases our creativity. As an art showroom, we’re ALL about increasing creativity!

Hey, have you heard the old tale that on the day of the spring equinox you can balance an egg in an upright position? Sadly that’s not true but you CAN use fresh, earthy artwork to balance your home or office and celebrate the coming of Spring!  Below, I’ve showcased a few warm, happy and blooming art options to bring a smile to your face and space.

- A Celebration Of Spring 1
BIRCH TREE SHADOWS I 16″H X 20″W I acrylic on canvas by Karen Zuk


The word equinox comes from the Latin words for “equal night”—aequus (equal) and nox (night).

- A Celebration Of Spring 2
HOPE AND JOY I 40″H X 50″W I Oil on canvas by Robert Piatek


Taking walks and seeing flowers in bloom are also part of what makes spring so great.

Blue Dahlia By Shadia
BLUE DAHLIA I 24″H X 24″W I Mixed Media Collage & Acrylic on Canvas by Shadia Derbyshire


On the equinox, the length of day and night is nearly equal in all parts of the world.

Our experts will guide you to the right art.

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- A Celebration Of Spring 3
FAITH I 12″H X 12″W I Encaustic Collage by Melissa Porter


During Spring our waking hours are filled with more sunlight, and there is a positive association between more sunlight and people becoming happier and more hopeful, said William D. Marelich, a professor of psychology at Cal State Fullerton

- A Celebration Of Spring 4
MORNING GLORY I 40″H X 30″W I Monoprint on brushed aluminum by Ann McIntyre Studio


Equinoxes are the only two times a year that the Sun rises due east and sets due west for all of us on Earth!

Frida Kahlo Inspired Throw Pillow
FLOWER POWER PILLOW I 18″H X 18″W X 6″D I Polyester and fleece by Jessica Molnar


A 2004 University of Michigan study that found people who spent at least 30 minutes outside in pleasant weather, taking advantage of a newly warm spring day in the park had happier moods.

- A Celebration Of Spring 5
BOUQUET I 30″H X 30″W I acrylic on canvas by Birgit Huttemann-Holz


“Spring fever” seems to be an actual phenomenon, and one way people indulge in it is through a more active lifestyle, according to experts at the University of North Carolina. Exercise can lead to a boost in endorphins – the same feel-good chemical that may come from warmer weather.

WALL FLOWERS VII I 12.25″H X 10.25″W I watercolor and India ink by Fine Art For Small Spaces LLC


Some gardens, such as the Brooklyn Botanic Garden provide online updates on the progression of their cherry blossoms.

Yellow Floral Photograph
CASTING SHADOWS I 20″H X 24″W I Chromaluxe Aluminum print by Gwendolyn Roth


Breathing fresh air and enjoying the scenery while exercising is a spring perk.

- A Celebration Of Spring 6
BENEATH THE SURFACE II I 25″H X 21″W I Photography print by Erika Senft Miller


A 2016 study of students in counseling at Brigham Young University found that the longer the sun was up during the day, the less mental distress people experienced.

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This article was written by Andrea Bogart, founder and lead art advisor of Embrace Creatives.


This article was written by Andrea Bogart, founder and lead art advisor of Embrace Creatives.

For help finding the right artwork for your home or office, reach out to Andrea here. Interior professionals can request white glove, art consulting or custom pieces, easily.