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Five Art Advisors You Need to Know

November 16, 2021

W ho do you choose as a guide when it’s time to research the right art for your home or business?

Art Advisors are an invaluable asset when you want to begin or expand your art collection. Advisors range in size from large firms to single advisors and some specialize in different types of art, like pre-19th century or post-war and contemporary. Some advisors work mainly with photographs or sculpture and installations. If you need appraisals, estate planning or collections management there are advisors who offer those services as well.

To help you decide who to hire, we put together a short list to peruse. Remember that art advisors are experts and valuable because they have an extensive network of not only artists but installers, framers and other services, and if they’re good, they can scan your decor and instantly envision the best artwork for your space. In addition, they will educate you on the artists and type of medium as well as introduce you to techniques and materials you may not know about, bringing diversity to your art collection.


  1. sokoloff + associates is an art advisory company active across the international modern and contemporary art market. We tailor our curatorial approach to each collector’s interests, resources, and long-term goals, providing comprehensive guidance on collection strategy, management, and meaningful institutional affiliations.
  2. BHM ADVISORY LLC offering full spectrum art advisory services to both institutional and private clients, including experience with over 40 Fortune 500 companies.
  3. Barbara Wallace & Associates, Inc. is recognized as a highly qualified art advisory, collection management and appraisal firm which provides comprehensive services to corporations, museums and collectors since 1978.
  4. Irene C. Papanestor Art Advisory LLC provides expertise and personalized counsel to new and experienced collectors of modern and contemporary art in all media. Irene’s flexible, transparent and passionate approach enables clients to develop and deepen their identity as collectors.  Visits to galleries, artist studios, auction houses and museums, as well as guided tours of art fairs, private collections and public art spaces are integral parts of her advisory practice.
  5. Embrace Creatives – metro Detroit headquarters with clients around the country. Concentrating on placing art from nationally recognized, emerging and established artists, Founder, Andrea Bogart provides advisory, acquisitions, collection management, shipping, and artist studio visits to individual collectors, corporations and design professionals. In addition to fine art, Andrea also matches buyers to design products like furniture, lighting, murals, handmade flooring, and wall coverings.

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