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Even Small Creative Businesses Need Commercial Insurance

November 30, 2021

Don’t play games with your business. It’s time for a commercial insurance policy.

Your creative business may have started off small, even as a hobby but as it’s grown, you’re busy expanding; doing wholesale and retail shows, traveling more, and most probably invested in additional equipment and supplies. While that usually means more success, it also increases your exposure to risk. You have a lot more to lose if you and your business become the target of lawsuits – very commonplace these days – so let’s talk about your first commercial insurance policy!

A separate insurance policy for your business can help to protect you, no matter the size of your enterprise. Your homeowner or renters policy may have covered much of your equipment and supplies as “personal property” and provided a bit of liability coverage if you added a “Business Pursuits” endorsement. But as your business has flourished, your equipment and supplies may be beyond the limits of your homeowner’s policy plus you also need liability insurance coverage while you operate your business, travel and sell at fairs.

At Farm Bureau Insurance we offer a Mercantile Guardian policy that provides a variety of protection to small business owners, in one package. These policies are customizable depending on your specific business so as your success escalates, your insurance limits can increase as needed.

Our Mercantile Guardian policy covers the following and more;

  • Buildings
  • Business Personal Property
  • Loss of Business Income
  • Accounts Receivable ($$$ owed to you)
  • Breach of Confidential Information (your customer lists, business documents, etc.)
  • Electronic Data Processing Equipment, etc…


In addition, the policy covers liability for people visiting your studio, store or art fair tent:

  • Comprehensive General Liability for Premises and Operations
  • Premises Medical Payments
  • Products and Completed Operations
  • Fire Legal Liability
  • Electronic Data Liability, etc…

Connect with me so we can build your Mercantile Guardian policy specific to your creative business. Basic policies are typically very affordable (our Guardian policy starts at around $42 per month) and offers peace of mind.

Insurance can seem complicated or financially out of reach, and we tend to put off decisions like this. As you continue to build your successful business, especially here on Embrace Creatives, it’s extremely important that you set yourself up for success by protecting your equipment, supplies and finances!

About David Bogart: I chose a career as a Farm Bureau Insurance agent because I care about the people in my community. I live and work in this area, so my service is always personal and always local. Because I care so much about protecting you and your family, I’ll get to know you, your needs, and your dreams so that we can develop a personal insurance plan for you. Knowing you have the right insurance agent handling all your insurance needs is one of the most secure feelings you can have. My goal is to bring you peace of mind….and to help you and your family through the toughest times of your life. Cell: 810-656-1353


  1. Andrea Bogart (Rosenfeld)

    It’s SO important that artists understand that they are INVESTING in themselves by protecting their business. Worst thing one can do is spend years building up inventory and spending their hard earned income to grow their enterprise just to lose it all because they were sued or they have medical needs outside of their health insurance that cut into their business revenue. You’re working DAMN hard at your art business, invest a few dollars to protect it.

  2. David Bogart

    Thanks Andrea! One of the things I really like about my work is getting to know small business owners. They are all unique and it’s fun to hear the story behind the business!


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