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Embracing Nature at Work: The Transformative Power of Biophilia Design

December 05, 2023

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”

Frank Lloyd Wright

In the fast-paced and often stressful corporate world, the need for innovative approaches to enhance employee well-being and productivity is crucial. One such approach gaining traction is biophilic design – the incorporation of natural elements into indoor spaces. In this article, we’ll focus on how this graceful, natural design element positively impacts both employees and guests.

What is Biophilic Design?

Biophilic Design - Biophilia Design 1

Before humans moved into communities and cities, we were in unison with nature. We relied on it and respected it. Although, currently, most of us spend 99% of our lives indoors, the bond between human and nature is truly indestructible. Even after building urban landscapes, we still desire to spend our free moments outside – seeking refuge for our souls and mind.

Biophilic design is an approach that emphasizes the connection between people and nature and seeks to integrate natural elements into interior and exterior spaces to promote well-being and creativity.

Artwork shown: Pattern Break. 40 x 65 inches. Lichen

Sales of house plants skyrocketed during the pandemic as locked down homeowners missed the outdoors. But even now, designer’s love of plants and natural materials, continues.  Although prominent at Milan Design Week 2023,  Biophilia is no longer a mere trend. It has become a basic tenet of interior design. We now know that sights and sounds of nature improve our health and wellbeing and incorporating these elements into our home has become a mainstay of interior design.


Linnea Botanicals_Momentum_24 X 72_Lichen_4000(1) - Biophilia Design 2

Momentum. 24 x 72 inches. Lichen.

Embrace Creatives brought biophilia designs into our collection because we understand the indisputable benefits it brings – and to expand the idea of what art can be.

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Enhanced Well-Being and Reduced Stress:

A recent study showed that 95% of healthcare patients exposed to nature has lower stress levels, more positive attitudes, and improved coping skills. Incorporating elements such as indoor plants, natural light, or water features can significantly contribute to a more calming and stress-free work environment.

Increased Productivity and Creativity:

Biophilic design has been linked to heightened cognitive function and increased creativity among employees. The introduction of greenery and natural textures stimulates the brain, fostering a more creative and productive atmosphere. This can lead to innovative problem-solving and a more dynamic work environment.

Positive Impact on Employee Morale:

A workplace that reflects a connection with nature creates a positive and inclusive atmosphere. Employees are more likely to feel valued and engaged when surrounded by elements that resonate with the natural world. This sense of connection can lead to higher job satisfaction and increased morale.

I highlighted this American made, biophilic design in my November – January exhibition, OUTSIDE/IN: a celebration of art + objects + furniture.  This 4-part artwork was custom built for this show.

Winding Way. 44″H x 20″W (ea) 44″H x 80″W (set). Lucite, Lichen. Available singly ($2100) or as a set ($8400).

Embrace Creatives artist Linnea Bast designs custom lichen artworks for corporate or residential projects.

To learn more or discuss a project, contact me.

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