EC User Manual

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New to Embrace Creatives?  Want to get your abstract art, watercolor painting or art gallery found by new clients or talent? Would you like to;

  • add a Portfolio or Project,
  • create or edit your Profile, or
  • better undestand how to use EC to help you profit from your passion?  

Look no further. We’ve set up infographics and videos that show you how easy build your most robust EC Membership to attract new talent, buyers and collaborators!

How To Use Embrace Creatives Effectively

Create/Edit Your Profile

Build Your Portfolio

Build Your Projects 

Upload an Art Call/Opportunity (art calls are FREE to upload)

Post a Grant/Opportunity (grants are FREE to upload)

Create a Group

Find Other Embrace Creatives’ Members

Use Our Search Tool to Find Opportunities

How to Empower Others Using Social Share Buttons


Did we miss something? Is there anything else you need help doing here on Embrace Creatives? Contact us.