Community Guidelines

Embrace Community

Embrace Creatives provides you with an innovative platform to meet commercial buyers, safely promote and sell your art,  discuss important topics, find local or national events, art calls, grants, projects, and engage with your peers.

Go ahead! Share your thoughts, and join in on the many discussions throughout the website while at the same time exploring new artists and innovations.

The content on is user-generated, which means that I, my Embrace Creative team and our wider community trust you to be respectful to the site and everyone else in our EC community.

Reporting content

  • If you find abusive, inappropriate or spam content on the website please report it via any links or through email
  • When content gets flagged as being inappropriate Embrace Creatives will review the content to determine whether or not it violates our Terms. If it does, the content will be removed from our site.
  • If you have uploaded content on to Embrace Creatives, which is then purposefully removed for violating our Terms, you will be notified. Please take this notification seriously and refer to our Terms for reference on appropriate content.


  • exists specifically as a professional business network/market site for the creative community. We are 100% committed to non-censorship and copyright protection but do not permit illegal use of our site.
  • Foul or abusive language is not tolerated on, nor are personal attacks or hateful or degrading comments.
  • Go ahead and share your figure drawings or nude photo studies as long as they’re images of adults, not minors because that’s illegal and will not be tolerated on Embrace Creatives.
  • Embrace Creatives does not allow the posting of spam. This includes un-targeted, unwanted or repetitive comments.

Thank you again for joining. I’m looking forward to supporting your creative business growth!

Andrea Bogart
Embrace Creatives, LLC