High-Resolution Copy Photography For Artworks (Detroit)

Posted on by John Dykstra

High-Resolution Copy Photography For Artworks (Detroit)

Category: Services

Price/Budget: Starts at $50.00

Manufacturer/Service Provider

Condition: Not Applicable

Service Type: Skilled Trade


Need high-resolution photographs of your artwork for print reproduction or archival purposes? With 3+ years of experience in providing artists of all media with stunning high-resolution photographs of their artwork, I can work with you to capture sharp, evenly lit, color accurate files that are perfect for high-quality art prints and documentation. File resolution varies between 40 megapixels and 150 megapixels, depending on your needs. A typical 50-megapixel photograph, for example, will print incredible detail at 30 x 40 inches.

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I also offer mobile services in the metro-Detroit area.

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